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Thread: She keeps turning my chair on. HELP!

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    Put in some kind of hidden or remote switch

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    Seriously Emi,

    I want you to envision how you are going to teach Violet not to play with wires, plugs or to open an oven door. How will you teach your toddler to respond to your voice command when she goes darting into a street. Start practicing now on that power switch. She is old enough to modify her behavior. She can understand NO. Repetition is the key.


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    Well I've started saying no and gently tappung and removing her hand and so far she just laughs at me. Maybe I need a sterner tone ofd voice..

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    Like I told you in chat you might just have to full proof the whole house. Pillows and padding all over...LOL


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    Emi, I have a similar problem with my little monsters. I use a manual chair but they are both (especially my son) fascinated with the wheels. They both gang up on me, grab the wheels and start shaking the whole chair as if they want to throw me out of it. Then I can't roll away cause I'd run over a small foot or hand or something. Kids are too cute & funny!

    Baby proofing is a must. Here's what my house looks like now:

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    Looks like my house! When I use my manual chair Violet tries to pull the axle out.

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon

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    When she touches something that hurts say "hot". Kids love the word hot. They figure out quick it means it will hurt, so when she tries to touch the control say "NO HOT" as if you are afraid she will be injured. Like with real umph. She will get it. I know, its a little like training a dog, but I think it may work.

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    I hadn't thought of it, but Anne is right. We use the word HOT lots on my granddaughter. HOT she gets. NO is her favorite word. Ah she's going to be a handful .

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    Hey Mike I had a similar gate system. One day I came home from shopping to find him playing happily on the outside of the fence, his father sleeping soundly on the floor inside the fence. Apparently the toddler used his father's comatose body as a step stool to freedom! So don't go to sleep inside the fence!!!

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