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Thread: Educational Levels for Children

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    Steven, you're my hero. Again!

    The easiest way to get a feel for what the experts think kids can manage is to have a look at Sesame Street. It's aimed at pre-schoolers, but my kids liked it all the way through about 2nd grade.

    Emphasis there is colors, numbers, shapes, alphabet, patterns (which one of these is not like the others?) and relationships . . . all on a very basic level.

    This program is brought to you by the letter H and the number 6.

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    Thanks Lindox, Becky, Darlene and Kate.

    Looks like I'll be watching Sesame Street for a little while... heck, I may even learn something!

    The initial "structure" for the game was something I made [almost a year ago] based on the game Number Munchers that I played in elementary school. A simple adaptation of it allows the user to learn the basic characters in the Japanese syllabry. For example, follow this link and click the "kana munchers" link.

    The goal is to match the indicated syllable ["KU", in this case] with the matching symbol [the one that looks kinda like a big curvy < sign]. Use the arrow keys to move the little guy around and the spacebar to slash the character out of existence. Remove all the KU symbols, and you win. In the full version, you would move on to the next level/character. To play a version that gives you a random Japanese syllable, try here.

    If you slash the correct character, a green O appears briefly in the top right corner; the incorrect character, a red X. Right now you can't die in it, but... that can be fixed. Which leads to another question: Red is pretty much recognized as wrong. Is there a "standard" color for correct?

    I am looking at some old games and see if they can be adapted for learning purposes.

    Thanks again!

    ...can you tell me how to get, how to get to Sesame Street?

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