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Thread: Should I say something?

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    Wow Martha, glad all went well. I was moved to tears aswell just reading about it in a post. Being there in the moment must have been awesome.

    When my mom and dads 25th anniversary came up my sister and I rented a legion hall and invited all of my parents family and friends. We told my mom about it but not my dad. We told him that he was going to a birthday party for the doctor my mom and sister worked for. Even talked him into making a big batch of his famous potatoe salad for the event. snicker snicker! When my parents came into the hall and dad seen all his brothers and old buddies he began to cry. It was just something he will never forget.

    Your parents are soo lucky to have such wonderful children.

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    Wow, X and annabelle ... I really appreciate your kind words. As we know, families can be a huge pain sometimes, and then there are those times that make it all worthwhile.

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    Hi Martha. I have such a warm feeling reading this thread. My parents reached their 52nd anniversary before their deaths (they both died in 2002). By the time their 50th rolled around, they were both in such physical and mental decline that a big party wasn't feasible, and we opted to hold a small family get together instead. It was a good thing. Today I have the anniversary clock we gave them, and the congrats from the Presidential office, and other gifts and it makes me smile every time I look at them knowing I was able to help them celebrate such a special day that not many reach.

    I am sure you made many lovely memories for years to come and will cherish them always. I"m so glad it turned out so well for you.

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