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Thread: Paying a caregiver by shift

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    MOST import is that the cg use good hygene, not just to

    protect themselves but your loved one using generally accepted practices with stomas, urine collection, skin care, etc.
    i had a cg not bothering to dry my skin properly, noticing beginning skin issues, or caring for catheters......but he got me ready on time each day.

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    We have contracted with PCAs both the job ("do these 6 tasks and get paid this much") and time ("complete these tasks during the time period 0730-0930 and be present at those times"). There are pros and cons for each way. Either way you need to build in QUALITY issues into the contract, and reinforce this with regular supervision meetings with the PCA. Your individual situation and needs will dictate which works best for you for which activities and for the particular PCA. Just be sure it is fully spelled out in the contract (which of course you will have in writing with each individual PCA).


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    I have paid by the shift for years a wouldn't go back to paying by the hour. Keeping track of time is just one more hassle I don't need to deal with. I pay the same amount regardless of whether it's a BP day or not (I go MWF, but it can shift) again one less thing to keep track of. I pay more for a morning shift than the evening shift because that is when most of my care occurs. Evenings are just cooking, feeding, cleaning, and putting me to bed. When hiring I tell the prospect the approximate hours and let them know they could be more, but will usually be less. This also makes budgeting easier for myself and my caregiver. I know to budget x dollars every two weeks and my caregiver knows they will be paid x dollars every two weeks. Either way communication is key, cut off bad habits when they begin, but don't sweat the small stuff.

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    I have always taken care of quality of service with direct communication. However, it seems like a good idea to also include it in the written agreement for the caregiver. Thanks all.

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