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Thread: The Next Frontier for Stem Cell Transplantation

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    The Next Frontier for Stem Cell Transplantation

    This is a recent article from the Journal of American Medical Association:

    The Next Frontier for Stem Cell
    Finding a Donor for All
    Lucy A. Godley, MD, PhD
    Koen van Besien, MD, PhD
    JAMA. 2010;303(14):1421-1422 (doi:10.1001/jama.2010.413)

    acquired or congenital disorders of hematopoiesis,
    immune system diseases, or high-risk or recurrent
    hematological malignancies often involve
    allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
    (HSCT). Identifying HLA-identical siblings is often difficult
    because each full sibling has only a 25% chance of matching
    the patient. Constraints surrounding the siblings, such
    as the number of full siblings, their availability, and, increasingly,
    their health, limit the use of HSCT for many patients
    who might otherwise benefit. For such patients,
    searches of the National Marrow Donor Registry and other
    registries worldwide attempt to identify unrelated donors
    who match the patient molecularly for at least 4, and possibly
    5, HLA loci (HLA-A, -B, -C, -DR, and possibly -DQ).1
    Identifying HLA-identical donors using these highresolution
    typing methods has resulted in marked improvements
    in outcomes of matched unrelated HSCT. But for many
    patients and their physicians, donor identification remains
    a major hurdle to the use of HSCT, especially for members
    of ethnic minority groups who often have rare HLA types
    not represented in the registries.
    Given the inability to identify HLA-matched donors for
    all patients, this Commentary discusses several strategies to
    increase the pool of acceptable mismatched donors for HSCT.
    Sources of HSCs for these transplants include (1) blood or
    bone marrow HSCs from adult unrelated donors; (2) umbilical
    cord blood (UCB) stem cells; (3) blood or bone marrow
    HSCs from adult mismatched relatives (haploidentical
    transplantation); and (4) combinations of various donor
    sources, in particular haplo-cord transplantation.

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    anybody heard of ken bryant??? and the NSC therapy he created?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 0theetruth0 View Post
    anybody heard of ken bryant??? and the NSC therapy he created?
    I have never heard of a stem cell scientist or doctor by that name. Where does he work? Wise.

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    ken bryant is a massage/reflexology therapist working in tampa florida.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jim sampson View Post
    ken bryant is a massage/reflexology therapist working in tampa florida.
    Thanks. What is a massage therapist doing with stem cells? Wise.

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    he has nothing to do with cells,he claims that the electricity in his hands opens up neuro-pathways through your body from your feet.

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    I was under the impression that they could already use the patients own bone marrow cells and sort of reverse engineer them making them pluripotent.

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    cure T-11 WITH SECONDARY T-8

    dr.young i want to get my isulating coating back ,both injuries were caused by resticted blood flow t-11 was the contusion the other asending eischema,how much and where can i get clinical trial or pay for it i've been injured since june 20th 2000.i like what your doing but probly wouldn't get accepted i just got turned down by tca in covinton ,la.because can't be more than 5 years post for thier phase one . i might beable to pay them to take me but if i do i'll wait to see how thiers works first

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