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Thread: Weight gaining supplements

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    Weight gaining supplements

    Hi all, I would like to gain 10-15 lbs, and was looking into the weight-gain supplements that are available at GNC. My first question is, are these supplements a healthy way of gaining weight? As a C4/5, I obviously won't be looking to add muscle mass, so would these supplements be overkill? And finally, I'm a thin guy, but don't want diabetes either…can adding too much weight too quickly lead to diabetes? Thanks for any info.

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    those weight gainer powders that u make shakes with are just serious high calories...bad choice!...u will get nothing but a big gut.....go with something like MYOPLEX protein shakes....workout with some weights if u can and gain some muscle weight....i looked up a gnc pro performance weight gainer- it had 1850 calories...353 grams of carbs....74 grams protein....when mixed with milk.....being in a chair,thats waaay to many calories and carbs...ull never burn that off = big gut in no time!........myolpex has 300 calories..22g carbs.. 42g protein.....protein helps build muscle....u dont want weight just to have weight, just unhealthy.....try a can of solid white tuna...bout 34 g protein.....
    being in a chair makes it tricky to gain properly without it being all more, have a protein shake and do what u can as far as exercise ..

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    Whats your genetics like? Family history? Do you have a naturaly light build or is this something out of the ordinary and you are under weight?

    Dont sweat it so much. For safe weight gain its increase caloric intake and exercise.
    If you want to pack on the fat, forget the exercise but I would not suggest doing that. Good way to lead up to early termination.

    Exercise more.. eat more.. (healthy foods preferably)
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