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Thread: lasik eye surgery

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    lasik eye surgery

    Has anyone here ever had this procedure/surgery done or know anyone who has had successful outcome with it?
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    Yes. I had the procedure October ’07 and I'm very happy with it. I have noticed that my eyes have changed a little bit in the last two years, but my vision is still very good. Prior to the surgery, I was 20/100 and 20/300, and after the procedure I was 20/20 and 20/15.
    I am a C-5 Quad, so I had to have help when I transferred onto the surgery table, but it seemed to work out just fine.

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    Two years here! I absolutely love it. One of my eyes is set for long distance & the other for short distance. Took a few months to get used to it, but now it's great.

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    lasik eye surgery

    I had lasik about three weeks ago. I'm extremely happy with the results so far and would recommend it to anyone. I went from 20/200 in each eye, to roughly 20/20 in both. The procedure itself is relatively short, approximately 10 mintues an eye. No more glasses or contacts for now!!
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    I just got home from an eye exam and discussing it with my doctor. Every year I bring it up, but never go through with it. It's $2,900 here and that includes before and after care. That also includes future revisions so if your eyes change 5 yrs down the road and you need it done again. This isn't entirely rare either, especially people who are on the computer a lot. It makes you more and more near-sighted.

    For now I just ordered more contacts and picked out new frames for my glasses. I wish insurance covered a portion of Lasik!

    PS My doctor said he has had no patient regret having it done or come back with worse/ruined eye-sight! He also said he doesn't recommend it until people reach the age of 25 and their eye-sight hasn't changed for at least a year.
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    I've had it done like 2 years ago. Best thing I've ever done <3 I've needed glasses/contacts since I was in kindergarten! I was soooo blind before. The procedure itself was soooo easy too. I know I wasn't in the operating room very long. They transferred me to the table, did what they needed & when I sat up minutes later I could see already. After I got in my own chair they took me to another room & did a quick exam. I could barely hold my eyes open they just felt really tired. The place I had it done was like 2 hours away & I slept all the way home. When I got home they felt fine & I even had people over that night. I recommend it to everyone. I've never had vision insurance so its definately worth it over paying for contacts.

    In regards to the age thing..I must have been 21 when I had it done, but like I said I've needed glasses/contacts since I was 5. I was considering it for a few years before I had mine done & my eyes had been stable for a few years.

    Oh and I had mine done by TLC Laser Eye Center...dr referred me there.
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    My sister, niece and several friends have had it with no regrets.
    I went to see about getting it about 10 years ago and found out I had cataracts, so was not able to have lazik.

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    I've never had it done but I do know folks who have had it done & are happy with the results. I have heard that there are places that will do if for you for free if you are a quadriplegic. Wish I could post more info but this is all I know about it so sorry to say. I wish the best to anyone who has had it or is contemplating having it done. I guess there is nothing like freeing yourself from having to wear glasses or contact lenses all the time to see properly. Perhaps I will have it done some day.

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    Focus on Independence is a program in which eye surgeons provide LASIK or vision correction surgery at no charge to quadriplegics.
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