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Thread: Bathroom & Roll in Shower Designs?

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    Question Bathroom & Roll in Shower Designs?

    I need to put a bathroom in my Garage. I was going to put a 5x10' in there but there may be a better design out there. If anyone knows of any. Please let me know.
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    I don't know if this would be of any help for you, but I found this installation guide for curbless showers very useful. All the best with the new bathroom.

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    Norm, are you putting in a full bath (shower or tub, toilet, sink) or just a powder room (toilet and sink)??


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    Norm, is 5'x10' the dimensions for the entire bathroom? That seems very small for a roll-in shower, toilet, sink and adequate space to maneuver a wheelchair. The wheel-in shower in our master bath is 42.5" wide (including the wall of glass blocks that partitions it from the rest of the bathroom -- interior width is 38.5") by 68" inches, and there's just enough room in it to have grab bars up and still comfortably roll a shower chair in and out.

    I'll take some photos of it if you're interested, and we still have the blue prints on hand (this bathroom and shower were built to my specifications).
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    Norm,If your looking for a quality pre made shower unit Best Bath Systems has many to choose.
    The gelcoat fiberglass shower module can be one 1 piece or a multi piece. I have a 4 piece unit w/3/4" threshold that has held up well .

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    shower room

    A roll in shower of 5' x 10' is small but if you make a shower room 5' x 10' that is plenty. My shower room is 60" x 93" and I have enough room. The only thing I would change are the stainless steel shelves to Meganite cantilever shelves.

    A shower room with a flat floor and trench drains is the way to go! Use the Curbless Shower pdf from the above post. That is what I used.

    The following was from the posting I start title Extreme Makeover: Shower Room Edition:

    Last year, 2007, my poured cement shower base cracked and started to leak into the basement. I first had my bathroom converted to a roll-in shower in 1988 before there was an Americans with Disabilities Act, ADA, that gives approximate location for bathroom fixtures, sinks, toilets, etc. When my roll in shower was constructed the design method was, “This looks good about here!” It was poorly designed and not thoroughly accessible as you can see from the pictures below. The roll in shower door swings inwards. Over the years a ramp was added and a tile floor. Many contractors didn’t want to touch the job in 1988.

    So for several months last year I sat down and designed a shower room instead another roll in shower using Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Accessibility Guidelines For Buildings and Facilities, also know as ADAAG, and Curbless Showers An Installation Guide by The Center For Universal Design NC State University College of Design. These two documents gave enough ideas and information I needed to design my shower room.

    Last year three men Ted, Robert and John, my Dream Team I called them, did my upstair’s bathroom for my wife and they did an outstanding job! It was their perfectionism to fine detail that motivated me to design the shower room.

    While demolition and construction was going on I had a make shift shower in the basement to use. The walls were just rolled plastic from Home Depot.

    As you see in the pictures the water damage from the first shower base due to insufficient support of the cast iron tub that was originally there. They reinforced the floor with additional studding and removed all water damaged wood with new lumber. They also constructed the boxes for two trench drains and a Schluter®-Kerdi-Drain.

    David Campbell of David Campbell Heating, Inc. did all the plumbing and rerouting of the heating duct in the shower room. The Dream Team did the rest. The heating vent control is in the basement.

    The underlayment is pine planking screwed to the joices with two ½” layers of USG Fiberock® Underlayment Aqua™ Tough screwed to the pine flooring. Then covered with Schluter® waterproof membrane (orange colored material) then coated with Red Guard®. Red Guard® is a ready-to-use, elastomeric, waterproofing and anti-fracture membrane for commercial and residential tile and stone installations. You can easily apply it using a roller, trowel or sprayer. It also meets IAPMO specifications for use as a shower pan liner. Protected by MoldGard® Technology to resist mold and mildew growth.

    The walls are Georgia-Pacific DensGuard® Tile Backer which is light weight moisture and mold resistance board.

    The ceiling is tiled with eight recessed can lights. The floor is 100% level.

    So why a leveled floor? August 10th, 2004, I was drinking my morning coffee and I heard metal ticking from my shower chair. I didn’t think nothing of it. While showering that morning a bolt snapped on my shower chair causing the front left caster of the shower chair to go upwards while I tumbled downwards into the toilet then to the floor. You don’t realize the stress and strain that is put on a shower chair when each wheel is on a different inclined plane while showering. None of this is found in an engineering book. See attached photo. After this experience, my next shower room is going to be flat.

    But water will not drain? So what! The natural process of evaporation will dry 80% of the water by the time I get dressed and back into my ‘chair. I have to wipe the floor anyways after every shower I have had but believe me most of the water will run off and evaporate in such a small square footage plus I just need to open the window and the floor will dry. With the heat on during the winter months the hot air blowing out of the vent helps dries the floor more.

    There are two trench drains. One next to the wall with no grate on top and the one you see with the grate. The grey plastic is ugly and I am having a new grate manufactured out of stainless steel with the slots going the opposite direction to catch all of the run off water.

    The stainless steel shelves are Rogar wine racks that I put at 44” in height. The height that would clear my shoulder sitting in my shower chair. I have towels, wash clothes, cleaners, soap, insertion kits and foleys up there. Inside the mirror cabinet I had a GFI installed so that I can put the cordless shaver in there with my cup, tooth brush, toothpaste and hair brush. I also applied Velcro on the back of the mirror to hold my hair brush and a bottle of Q-tips.

    One problem I had is the Kohler® Stillness® spout. The specifications sheet says it passes ADA but ADAAG states the top of the lavatory must be at 34” maximum (4.19.2 Height and Clearances). The spout is 7-1/4” in height obstructing the center mirror to swing open. ADAAG states, “4.19.6* Mirrors. Mirrors shall be mounted with the bottom edge of the reflecting surface no higher than 40 inches (1015mm) above the finish floor (see Fig. 31). I wrote Kohler about this with no answer.”

    The white material is Meganite 100% acrylic solid surface material. The corner shelf, soap dish, heating vent cover and shower door jamb are made of it. A very clean look. The heating vent cover will never rust. The shower door is a Basco shower door ordered at 80” in height sandblasted to have an obscured look. The shower door swings outwards in case of an emergency. I tried to make the door opening as wide as possible. The cabinet to the left of the door holds my urological supplies.

    Any after thoughts? Yes! After I saw how Ted did the floor under the toilet I would have purchased a wall mounted toilet that would give me seven extra inches plus the beauty of the entire floor to see. Making the two cantilever shelves out of Meganite too.

    Every time I enter my shower room it has 100% Wow effect!

    The new shower room you can do a 360 degrees turn around in the shower chair and out the shower door. In front of the sink in a regular Tilite ‘chair you can do a 360 degree turn around in front of it and out the door.

    While showering and done you just turn around and grab a towel. The same with a wash cloth or Clorox to clean my night bottle and leg bag appliances.

    Here are some web site for help:
    Schluter Systems:


    Sinks, toilets, etc:


    Trench drain web sites:



    Architectural Stainless

    Infinity Trench

    Shower room web sites:
    KBRS Inc.

    Starcraft Custom Builders

    Stainless steel shelves:


    So you are probably wondering how much did this cost? It cost me couple dollars shy of $20k for the shower room project. Believe me it was very well worth every penny.

    If anyone has any questions? Please feel free to email me at

    My next project is the accessible house. I am busy working on that. I break ground next month May, 2010.

    I would add many more pictures but I don't know how to do that. If someone knows? Let me know. I tried several different methods only with a limit of five. I'll add more pictures. I would also upload the pdf documents too.


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    More pictures

    More pictures.


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    more pictures

    More pictures.


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    I like to roll right in with shower hose on left side.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
    Norm, are you putting in a full bath (shower or tub, toilet, sink) or just a powder room (toilet and sink)??


    No tub.
    "Some people say that, the longer you go the better it gets the more you get used to it, I'm actually finding the opposite is true."

    -Christopher Reeve on his Paralysis

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