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Thread: want to buy hand controls

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    want to buy hand controls

    Anyone have a set of hand controls that they want to sell.

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    monarch mps...just pulled 'em out of my jeep about a month ago.

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    These things are amazing aren't they? They just keep on working.

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    I bought some like that off ebay.

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    I have 4 sets of Monarchs. One set (bought new 1998) in a car I sold to a friend, he uses them, I will get them back someday.

    A set in my hunting truck(bought off ebay, came without the arms that go to gas and brakes, made some for it and has been going good 4 5 yrs.

    A set in my Honda Oddyssey that have been in 5 different vehicles since 1993 when I bought them new. The things DO NOT wear out and will fit in ANY vehicle.

    And have a set in garage on the wall.

    None for sale, just saying it's the brand to buy.

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