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    Has anyone ever had a dream where their loved one w/ sci didn't live, or died due to complications while in the hospital, or by falling, etc.?

    I sometimes have dreams that my dad dies while he's in the hospital or died the day he got hurt. It's really sad.
    Does anyone else have these kind of dreams?
    What do you think your life would be like if a situation like this occured?

    Holla Lataz!

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    Hi Kitty~ Yes, I have dreams something like that, mine are more that my son walks again and then things happen all over again, etc. except they can't/won't help him this time. I think these types of dreams only mean that you are remembering the fears of all the uncertain things about that day. They are really sad.

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    Kitty, I have dreams of going on a long trip with my deceased brother whom had ended paralyzed due to a stroke. In this dream, I find it puzzling but yet somehow I seem to feel like everything is okay.


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    I had a dream once about my dad,and it felt so real.In the morning I was crying.It made my feel really bad because he was in the hospital at that time.

    LJ Rose

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