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Thread: Photo: Me and Sunday dinner

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    Photo: Me and Sunday dinner

    Memories of the farm (1955). Our food was the freshest. Lmao

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    Hell yeah SCI455 lookin' good
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    That is a great picture.

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    Great picture! Thanks for sharing. I loved my garden. I miss it alot!

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    Enjoyed the picture, reminded me of my grandparent's farm. Growing up on the farm, my father could never get rid of the idea he had to plant a truck garden every year! lol Most of the family and friends got to reap the rewards. I know I miss it. Did'nt even mind all the canning and freezing that went into it. You just can't beat home grown/fresh veggies. My grandfather usually raised enough beef, pork, and chickens for our own use too. Meat does'nt taste like that anymore!

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    Great picture! My first and subsequent chairs for a long time post injury still looked like yours in the picture. Remember when a 55 lb. E&J was actually called an "active duty lightweight?" I don't miss those chairs, for sure.

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    LOL, and then if you wanted to play basketball, a person had to change the wheels that included solid inserts that weighed another 6+lbs. adding up to over a 60lb chair. Yes, the ole active duty lightweights were considered the premier of wheelchairs.

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    Mine was actually bigger than standard. The seat was about 1.5 inches higher than the standard, as was the seat back, to accommodate all 6"2" of me. Yet I managed to wheel that out to the barn, fields, etc. I even managed to get one into a small Pontiac Sunbird. I wish I had that strength and stamina today. lol
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    See my personal webpage @

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    thats a bad ass wheelchair
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    Awesome picture. Thanks for sharing. You must be one tough hombre, I'm guessing it wasn't all hot n cold running pcas and sterile caths back in the day. Stellar.

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