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Thread: Awesome news about our KRISTI!!!

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    Great news! Congrats, Kristi!

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    Congratulations Kristi. Today South Dakota... tomorrow the world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by McDuff View Post
    Woohoo Kristi, congratualtions!

    So, I guess there's no morals clause in this pageant?

    Oh you are just so funny. I have no idea what you are talking about. There is halo above my crown now! I'm coming to Dallas this year for a game. Watch out buddy!

    Thanks everyone for the congrats!! I'm a little overwhelmed at the moment. Everyone told me I would win, but I didn't cocky as I feel that is bad karma. They were right and I got a lot of I told you so's afterwords. They have been asking me to run since I was 18 and I was finally healthy enough and didn't have school to get in the way. I'll be traveling around the state and nationally if need be. The National pageant is in Grand Rapids, MI and I will be busy with fund raisers to raise my application fee. I think with air fare and my dress --- I'll need somewhere around $2K all together. I'll know more next week, I hope. I am supposed to wear the crown and sash everywhere to promote me and the pageant -- that will take some getting used to. I do love my crown and sash. The sash is get this -- COWBOYS colors!

    My platform was on line of sight. I am hoping to make it a rule that a riser be put on the floor at all venues no matter the size since 1% of seating needs to be accessible along with 1% companion seating. You all know me and how I love to be on the floor. If Sioux Falls 50 year old Arena can provide a riser -- there is no reason the newer venues can't either. For what they generate from concerts and sporting events -- a riser won't cost them that much. It is such a simple and safe solution. Wish me luck in getting venues to listen. Besides the venues in Sioux Falls the Xcel Center in St. Paul is my first stop. We have been talking on the phone and they want photos of our arena's layout. It's a start!

    Here are some photos as requested.
    I'm going to get a pro shot, but the news needed this one ASAP last night. And they got it on last night. No link as of yet.

    My stylist came over to the house and did my hair for FREE! She did an amazing job! It's gorgeous. She colored it a few weeks ago too. She rocks!

    Part of my posse -- I love these people so much!!

    Last year's winner and my opponent.

    The Judges.

    My parents.

    All the photos are here.

    If you have Facebook -- you can keep tabs on me here.!/...2078028?ref=mf
    "Dream as if you'll live forever, live as if you'll die today." ~ James Dean

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    You look Great Krist - Congrats

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    Congratulations Kristie! Love your hair. She did do a great job.
    You look just like your mom. You've always been beautiful.

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    A beautiful crown for an awesome beautiful talented young lady...I hope this is the beginning of many wonderful experiences for you.
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    Awesome! Grand Rapids is my hometown, when is the pageant?

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    Good stuff Kristi
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