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Thread: Trench drain for roll in shower

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    The attached PDF file exhibits some helpful installation information associated with trench drains.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WC_Sage View Post
    The attached PDF file exhibits some helpful installation information associated with trench drains.
    Wish we had this info when we started designing our new bathroom. Because of the radiant heat throughout the condo we would have immediately known a trench wouldn't have worked if a drain over 4" deep is needed and saved a ton on that one piece composite marble base. Then I would have had the waterproof membrane extended all over the floor and at the toilet base not just in the immediate shower and bath areas. That just makes sense to me and well worth the money whether you go with the trench or a regular drain.
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    This thread has been so helpful! We are in the middle of doing our bathroom right now, it is half demo'd and rough plumbed....will post photo's when its done!
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