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Thread: I Want to Read Your Blog

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    CK and Nick, thank you for letting me know. I will be dropping by your sites.

    , you might consider changing your handle to PR -- you are an excellent promoter. ~bookmarks GlitterGirl's site~

    GypsyLady, please let me know when you do get back to it. You're always such a pleasure to hear from and based on what I know of you, you have a lot of interesting stories to share. (Is the picture in your signature really you? Sure is very close to what I thought you'd look like!)

    -- agreed. Wish more of them blogged and/or were willing to share their blogs.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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    I started a blog of reprints of my articles that got published.

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    I have a blog to which I typically write once per month:

    - Bill :-)
    Wheelchair users -- even high-level quads... WANNA BOWL?

    I'm a C1-2 with a legit 255 high bowling game.

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    My husband is the one with the SCI but I keep an online journal. I don't have it because I think I'm a good writer or have important things to say. My sister-in-law started it a couple days after my husband's accident as a way to keep everyone posted so I wouldn't have to talk to a ton of different people everyday if I didn't want to. I took it over shortly after that and have since been using it as a sort of therapy tool to help me get through his ICU stay, rehab, and then adjusting to home. I'm one that doesn't mind sharing and in fact, am glad to know people read it. I've received a lot of supportive emails, and the best are the ones from parents who tell me that they share our story with their teenagers to stress the importance of safe driving. (It was a 16 year old who caused my husband's accident - she had marijuana in her system and two prior speeding tickets for 19 over the limit, then 6 months after the accident got a ticket for 29 over, all the while continuing to post online about partying, drugs & drinking)...
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    I posted a couple of blogs, but changed my mind about recommending them, and have deleted them from my post. I tried to delete my post altogether, but was unable to accomplish that. Sorry.
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    Hi Gang
    Ok here is reasons why I havent finished anything or whatever < as i'll just call it for now
    Looking back 2 years ago I had a blog but I got distracted by work and important areas .

    I was hard at work studying and I would be up late at night
    Then One thing after another added up .....
    Snowball effect rolled in and my focal point got out of sight ( per say ) so as I lost interest I just havent been entheusiastic about rekindling my old blog .

    I am a abstract writer anyway's but I have to find a reason to open myself to blog my emotions .

    Being That my essence of expression is in arts and writing I plan on just starting on a new blank page in 2011

    It has to come from your heart imop Wait !!!!!! I left my heart in Blogorisco !!!

    I just dont know but thats my $1 and I am sticking to my 4 quarters , 100 pennies , 20 nickels , 10 dimes ok !!!!! ok !!!!! ok!!!!!!!!!! sorry for my dry humor it will ripen like great red wine . rofl

    I think the world of you all 200% That comes from my heart
    You all Rock
    Keep Smiling

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    I blog at Have not been very productive lately. Trying to get back into the groove of blogging/writing again.
    C5-C6 ASIA C - October 15, 1984
    Tilite ZRA Series 2
    Living One Day At A Time

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    right now it's kind of 40% blog and 60% "look at something cool/funny/epic i found on the internet!"

    i just ranted on it about the re-walk on gLee haha
    mitochondrial disease complex 1 deficiency, suspected HSP
    type 3 ehlers danlos syndrome w/ type 1 overlap, g and j tubes
    aspergers & friends
    survivor of 2 TIA strokes

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    My Blog

    My blog title "What Do You Mean Don't Go"

    Without change, there would be no butterflies.

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