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    Hello Kitty Wine

    Will you see Hello Kitty at your next AA meeting? Well, she does have a wine now.

    Fortunately for us, Drew Hibbert, CEO of Innovation Spirits (which will be marketing the wine here in the United States) took the time to answer some of our pressing questions about cats and alcohol.

    And, no, you cat-haters out there, it will not taste like cat pee.

    To your knowledge, is this the world's first cat-themed wine?

    I'm not aware of any other feline themed wines out there, but the cat is definitely out of the bag with this one.

    Whose idea was it to make a Hello Kitty wine?

    Hello Kitty Wines were originally conceived by Camomilla S.p.A. which is a very successful fashion company in Italy that does a huge amount of business manufacturing and selling Hello Kitty licensed merchandise in Italy and beyond. Camomilla S.p.A. partnered up with Torti "Tenimenti Castelrotto" boutique Italian winery located in the highly regarded Lombardy wine region...Our company, Innovation Spirits, has been awarded the agency to market and sell the products here in the U.S. and other select markets.

    Was it tough to get Sanrio to agree to let you put Hello Kitty on an alcoholic beverage? Her image is very sweet and innocent, after all.

    I was not involved in the original approval process, but my limited experience with Sanrio indicates to me that they see the Hello Kitty brand identity as being somewhat mature at this stage and open to all kinds of product interpretations. Our tagline for the wine products is "Our favorite girl has grown up", which is done intentionally to indicate that Hello Kitty, in her 35 years of existence, has crossed over from being a children's brand to being a brand for children and adults alike.

    What does the wine taste like?

    The "Vinophile" answer is that the wines are DOC certified (Vino a Denominazione di Origine Controllata). Basically, this means that the wines are produced in specific well-defined regions, following specific rules of production. I could go on and on about this, but the shorter answer is that the DOC certification ensures the wines are of very high quality and that the taste is fantastic.
    Click here for the rest.

    I wonder if it's going to taste like Kitty? You know, the good kind. LOL. I know Stephen Colbert had a lot of fun with it.

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    There is actually a wine called Cat Pee. I did purchase it, didn't try it, it was a gift for a friend of my husband...I don't like her

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