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Thread: Is it possible to marry your iPhone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    Your post made me laugh. I know exactly how you feel. Withing 72 hours of owning my iPhone it went from what I thought was going to be a cool toy to my most amazing, awe inspiring, best friend. I have five pages of apps at this point, and use it for everything immaginable. One of the ones I really like is called "Around Me" and it uses the GPS to tell you about restaurants, banks, coffee shops, and so on wherever you happen to be, and then will provide the map to get you there, even if it is only a 100 yards or so. Love it, love it.
    Exactly! I like being connected and having answers at the touch of my iPhone.
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    Quote Originally Posted by drew82586 View Post
    ugh. I hate the iphone for that reason! My fiance is on his literally all waking hours except for showering and eating. sometimes even when he's eating. He does when he is going the bathroom, watching tv, driving. it is irratating. we went fishing, out comes his iphone while waiting for the fish to bite... meanwhile they were while he was on that stupid phone!
    If you had an iPhone, you two wouldn't have a problem
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    Apple: Multitasking coming to the iPhone this summer

    The new iPhone software will pack in more than 100 new features, Jobs promised, including (besides multitasking) a unified email inbox, support for Apple's new iBookstore, a social gaming network, a series of interface enhancements (such as app folders and wallpapers for the home screen) and — yep, it was bound to happen — a new, Apple-controlled mobile ad framework, with Apple set to keep a generous 40 percent of future ad revenue for itself.

    Without further ado, then, let's get down to the nitty-gritty:

    Here's how it'll work: If you're running an app on the iPhone — anything from the core Mail app to, say, a game like Tap Tap Revenge — you just double-click the Home key to pull up a small window shade at the bottom of the screen, which can show four apps at a time (just swipe to scroll through more running apps). Tap an app in the new multitasking "dock" and you'll switch to the app, with the first app's state saved in the background.

    So, will all these apps actually be running in the background? Well, no (if they did, they'd slow iPhone performance to a crawl and eat up battery life, Jobs said). That said, Apple will be allowing a few selected processes to run in the background, including music, VOIP, and location-based apps.

    For example, Pandora will still play music while you're browsing on Safari (you can even pause Pandora or skip tracks using the iPhone's "lock" control bar), you'll be able to answer and maintain VOIP calls (think Skype and the like) while you're working in other apps, and location-aware apps like Loopt will be able to track your location in the background via cell-tower triangulation. (An icon will appear in the iPhone's top status bar to warn you if a background app is tracking your location; you'll also get to tweak a series of new location-based privacy settings).
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    Is it possible to marry your iPhone? Not sure about the legal ramifications but I know what you would say at the time you exchange vows...."iDo"

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    Quote Originally Posted by smokey View Post
    Is it possible to marry your iPhone? Not sure about the legal ramifications but I know what you would say at the time you exchange vows...."iDo"
    lol, nice one
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    I tried the third generation iPhone last Saturday. For some reason we were not able to get VoiceOver to turn on. I did use DragonDictate with decent results. Because I have a bad case of carpal tunnel syndrome, it is difficult for me to open applications or navigate using the touch screen, etc. I am thinking I can use third party hardware (Accenda) for voice control. I am also considering trying a stylus. I have decided not to get the iPad. Therefore, I may end up with the iPod Touch but I really want a camera.

    Come on Steve, put in a camera now! I don't want to have to wait eight or nine months.
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