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Thread: S^^^ for luck

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    S^^^ for luck

    I was en route to Cozumel for my 50th, had a week and scuba diving booked. Had to go via Santa Fe, as friend and I have to leave from Abq for the cheap vaca package. Flew to Santa Fe yesterday, feeling kinda rocky.

    By 10 p.m. an uncomfortable burning in my ass/groin erupted to full-fledged re-emergence of the boil or abscess or whatever I've fought since Jan. The groin pain is infxn in my lymph nodes, I guess. I think it tunneled that direction this time. Feels like mumps must. Plus a burning coal 2" below the skin of my butt. Every time it comes back it's deeper and hurts worse. Have already done 2 10-day terms of bactrim for this. Had dr. check 2 weeks ago, she said it looked great, but it never really goes away.

    So I'm in Santa Fe w/ a bag of scuba gear, swimsuits, sarongs and sandals. And it is far from warm up here!

    I had bought trip insurance for both of us. Those companies are your best friend when you buy, and not so much when you have to cash in.

    At least I'm not in the Yucatan, trying to talk to doctors in Spanish, I guess. Have to go to Urgent Care here in a sec.

    Sigh. This sucks hugely.

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    It more than sucks hugely!

    $h1te! You more than deserved that trip and I was really looking forward to seeing the pics.

    I'm so sorry that "have a great trip" has morphed into "get well soon":-(

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    Quote Originally Posted by Timaru View Post
    It more than sucks hugely!

    $h1te! You more than deserved that trip and I was really looking forward to seeing the pics.

    I'm so sorry that "have a great trip" has morphed into "get well soon":-(
    Yup ... ditto what Jonathan said ..... and a "Fuck fuck fuckity fuck " to go with ..... so sorry Beth !

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    Damn I hate that for ya Betheny. You are in Mexico where the miracle water( Microcyn(humans) Vetericyn (animal) is sold. Get you some and FIX that damn pain in the ass today! In case you don't have time, it's a killer of all things bad and used as a wound wash that is better than ANYTHING out there.
    check this thread.

    rinse that tunnel and go swimming. No worries. I just ordered a bottle on ebay a day ago. I'ma gonna use it to freshen up me bladder, lol.

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    No, I am so sorry. Bad luck again and on your birthday trip. I was just telling a friend you were going scuba diving in Mexico today. At least you have the insurance, you can go later but still...

    Hugs and hugs to both of you and all the dogs. I am so sorry to hear this, it is not possible. I think maybe you should stop celebrating birthdays.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    That really does suck Betheny! I am so sorry your birthday trip got ruined, and hope that you can still pull off something to mark the occasion.

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    Shit Beth, that sucks. And it's scary too. Get that thing taken care of!

    Are they culturing it and putting you on a specific antibiotic or just whatever?
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    So sorry to hear this. Hopefully they will honor your contract and come through so that u can arrange for another vacay when u r better. I hope they figure things out for you soon. Hugs {{{{{}}}}}

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    That bites. BIG TIME.

    It impresses me that you're able to see a positive in all this (that you're not in Mexico) -- that's a major accomplishment considering you've had to postpone your awesome birthday celebration.

    It's time to leave the generalists behind and get your behind to a wound specialist. It's clear that the status quo isn't working, and you can't risk letting this progress any further.

    Hope the urgent care folks can get you feeling a little better, and make you heal enough so you can get home without risk of this getting worse before you do.
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    Sorry to hear betheny. After all you went through to heal that thing, now this. Wishing you a quick recovery.
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