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Thread: S^^^ for luck

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    Well, that sucks.

    As usual with an sci "gift", you will have to make the best of what's left. Glad you are at least in Santa Fe with a friend. Make good memories, push back the bad ones for now.
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    I'm glad you finally know what it is. Try and have a good time with Jill and have a Happy Birthday. Thank goodness for trip insurance and start making plans for the replacement trip.

    You've talked so much about your good friend, Jill, I know you're in very good hands and will feel better soon.

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    That is a deja vu of the worst kind, Betheny -- I'm really sorry you have to go through this again, and doubly so that it's fucked up your big plans for the milestone birthday.

    If there are any good sides to this at all, it's that you're a smart cookie and bought trip insurance, and that you're with Jill.

    Am I correct in understanding you're going to have the surgery in Sante Fe?
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    No, I have a great colo-rectal surgeon in OK. I plan to get a CAT scan here, take the disk home w/ me next Saturday.

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    Major suckage.

    B, hope a good, clear CT and a really great doc will take care of that thang once and for all.

    Hope you're all healed up soon.

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    Bad luck can't last forever.
    The test of success is not what you do when you are on top. Success is how high you bounce when you hit the bottom
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    UGH~ Im so sorry to hear this...TOTALLY STINKS!!
    Hopefully there is a greater reason and your make up trip will be even better then you dreamt this time

    Quote Originally Posted by betheny View Post
    I was en route to Cozumel for my 50th, had a week and scuba diving booked. Had to go via Santa Fe, as friend and I have to leave from Abq for the cheap vaca package. Flew to Santa Fe yesterday, feeling kinda rocky.

    By 10 p.m. an uncomfortable burning in my ass/groin erupted to full-fledged re-emergence of the boil or abscess or whatever I've fought since Jan. The groin pain is infxn in my lymph nodes, I guess. I think it tunneled that direction this time. Feels like mumps must. Plus a burning coal 2" below the skin of my butt. Every time it comes back it's deeper and hurts worse. Have already done 2 10-day terms of bactrim for this. Had dr. check 2 weeks ago, she said it looked great, but it never really goes away.

    So I'm in Santa Fe w/ a bag of scuba gear, swimsuits, sarongs and sandals. And it is far from warm up here!

    I had bought trip insurance for both of us. Those companies are your best friend when you buy, and not so much when you have to cash in.

    At least I'm not in the Yucatan, trying to talk to doctors in Spanish, I guess. Have to go to Urgent Care here in a sec.

    Sigh. This sucks hugely.

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    heal quick betheny, sorry it turned out to be what it is.

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    Hey Girl~ I been on the road for 4 days so I am just now catching up on this thread. Glad you got a diagnosis, happy you have a great surgeon back home but am so sorry the trip had to be cancelled. best that it happened in Sante fe vs. in Mexico.

    FWIW--- Wishing you a very happy 50th birthday!!!
    Every day I wake up is a good one

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    Gawd!! Crappy luck! Sorry beth.Good luck on your getting the damn thing healed for a change, and good luck on the Ins.

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