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Thread: This pain HAS to stop NOW! :(

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    Your update makes me really happy and incredibly sad at the same time, Becks.

    Happy: they folks in the ED took your pain seriously, gave you something that enabled you to sleep, and that you slept for six hour straight. (That is HUGE!)

    Sad: That you were only able to sleep for six hours, that they didn't give you any "carry-out" meds to help you sleep until your regular doctor could be consulted, and that they wouldn't let you stay even though you begged them to.

    I try to understand why doctor's are hesitant to admit certain patients. But geez, when someone like you, Becks, who has a medical history overflowing with "unpleasant" (to say the least) conditions and treatments, and who has probably logged as many hours in a hospital as the third year resident covering the ED that night, begs to be admitted, that should be a massive clue that you are in serious distress and absolutely desperate.

    The six hours of uninterrupted sleep is awesome. It's hard for those who can sleep to really understand what never getting REM sleep does to the body and mind. I truly hope that this mini-marathon of rest can help you get through until a more lasting solution to your pain/sleep problems is found (and right away).

    What are the chances that you can get in to see your pain doc ASAP, and that he will be willing to bump up your meds a little more aggressively than he seems to have done so far? You seem to be on relatively low doses of all three meds you take for pain, although I notice he has increased the Fentanyl from the 25mg you were on the last time I asked. Are you on a planned step up schedule for any of the pain meds?
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

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    Glad you got some releif, wish it would last. Prayers for you.

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    Hip Crip

    A very apt post on the "can't win". If you can locate Ron Melzack's article in Scientific American about 1989, he makes a convincing case for the dose of opiates you need. Well written. It is titled something like "Why People in Severe Pain do not Become Addicted to Opiates"

    Becky, do sleeping pills have any effect? Or do you require IV meds just to get to sleep? It would help if guidelines on pain meds were standardized, in my opinion.
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    that you did get some relief leaves hope that your pain can be treated in some way. that is a step in the right directon. I hope your pain doc can find some way for you to feel better more regularly.

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    Hip Crip- I have an appointment to see the pain doc on Wednesday 4/14. I am not sure how aggressive he wold be willing to go but I am definately going to bring it up! I am not on any step up plan. He was hoping that the lower doses were going to be sufficient. Clearly not . I never want to stay in the hospital so yea if I'm asking to stay you know I feel like crap...

    Dejerine- Sleeping pills do not have a big effect on me. They help me to fall asleep but I can not stay asleep.

    Jody- I am hoping you are right with that statement!!!! I'm desperate

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    Becky I'm glad you got a little sleep. So sad you have to plead to stay in the hospital for help. Breaks my heart for you. I hope Wed. you get the help you need sweetie.
    God bless. You're in my prayers. Mona

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    Becks, I'm glad you're seeing him on Wednesday. If you want some moral support or an actual advocate to help back you up on getting what you need, I'm just a phone call away!

    I have the same problem with sleeping meds, Becky -- they get me to sleep but I wake up way too soon. I was taking the max strength of Ambien CR (12.5 mg) before my drug plan took it out of their formulary to enable me to get 2-3 hours of sleep. I tried the max strengths of both regular Ambien and Lunesta -- got 45 minutes of sleep with each. And that's taking them on top of oxycodone, oxycontin, and zanaflex.

    As you might have figured out, I am not afraid to play home pharmacologist. I next tried taking them together, and it did increase the time I stayed asleep to two hours. A few days ago, I added a benedryl into the mix and slept for 5.5 hours, which like you is the longest I've stayed asleep in years. The second night I tried it, I slept for six hours. I thought I had the magic formula figured out, but last night I took the meds at 3am, and I've been awake and writing/posting since 5:30 am. Shit.

    Sorry, I didn't mean to make this all about me. I really just wanted you to know how much I empathize with what you're going through.

    ~big hug~
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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    Becky, I am so sorry you are hurting so much. I watch my fiancee deal with daily pain, sometimes debilitating, always effecting his quality of life. I don't think he'd mind being in the chair or having lost a leg or any of the other disabilities and health issues he deals with if he just didn't have to hurt.

    I just wanted to say to all that I am very thankful to have a place where I don't feel so totally alone watching the man I love suffer. I don't even talk to anyone about it because the average person just does not get it. His regular pain appointment is this Wed. and we just realized this weekend that Wed. is 32 days since his last appt. so now he is metering out the last few doses he has so that he doesn't go into withdrawl before his appointment. If I tell most people this they figure he's some drug fiend. Anyway, I would not wish for anyone to go through so much pain, but threads like this are reassuring when I feel like there's no one who understands (and I totally get that I don't even understand since I am only the one standing by).

    Hope you get some answers Wed. And some rest between here and there.

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    Thank you for your post, I am the caregiver to my son and I watch him in pain, as his mother I cant make it better, I have no control. I fill him with meds and he is not the same fun loving boy. Like your fiance, I think he can handle being in the chair and would make the most out of life, everyday he would find a new goal to strife for, that is his way. But the past months he has suffered so much and therefore so have I. I dont want to see my friends, tired of talking to drs, therapist, ministers, etc...tired of answering questions from those who dont know this world. It is no fault of theirs, I was ignorant to all of this only 6 months ago.

    Thanks for sharing, listening and understanding.

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    Glad you got a little bit of sleep Becky. Even that probably was'nt enough to last long when you're loosing sleep every day. I have'nt let myself go to the er.......yet......

    I go to the pain clinic for the first time on the 15th for an evaluation my neuro surgeon has ordered. I'll go, but I'm not going to start all over....from the bottom....again. I just had to do that with this new physiatrist two months ago. My God, there are years of medical much more paper work do they need?!

    All we want is for something to get rid of the pain. At least enough of it so we can have a certain quality of life. How in the hell do you even go to school Becky? And if you do still go, heaven help you working on the homework!

    HC...your post says it all. That's exactly what I go thru when I do see the doctors. And I usually do the smaller numbers, and have decided I'm not going to do that any more. I can't. I can't sit here day after day moving as little as possible cause it hurts to move. I see myself sitting here day after day....year after year....I hope to God not.

    dejerine.....I got tired of trying to tell them how much, how often, etc....24/7 just pretty much sums it up. It never stops. Not ever. Times when I can ignore it though, get fewer and fewer. I've had chronic pain for at least seven years and four of those have been severe chronic pain.

    Becky's crying out for help has triggered something in many of us that suffer the same 24/7 crap. I hope your doctors are better than mine have been Becky, and you can get the help you need on the 14th.

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