Abit about Me 1st ... A year and a half ago I was rear ended twice, the 1st MVA caused a herniation at both S1-L5 and L5-L4 the nucleus pulposis was expulsed into the central canal, the pain is beyond excruciating (Don't Ya just love those nice drivers that have nothing to do but destroy lives without real conciquence of law?... Thank bleeding hearts in goverment for Me). By now it is My suspicion that the expulsed material is abrading the Thecal Sac. The 2nd MVA was at high speed and it's is My belief that this was the hit that caused a Disc bulge at C5-C6 putting direct pressure on cord.

Karma Spine in Stenum Germany has determined that the Lspine is in need of 2 disc replacement as well as C5-C6 in neck, It is this one that I am very concerned about as after yet another hit in which I was T-boned summer 2010 that seems to have accelerated osteophite formation that appears to be "wrapping the bulge". To Describe them best imagine your left fist closed with knuckles pressed against the wall, the wall being the cord. Now take your right hand and slide it up from underneath and these will be the Osteophites that are growing, it is My belife that over time this will cause further cord compresison.

The question of the day is.... Is it possible that in this case the Osteophites can develop bone spurs causing a breach of the Thecal sac, and to the extreem, even the Arachnoid Dura causing loss of CSF?

There is that as well as Endplate and Facet Degradation in the S1 L5 region.

It is My fears that I am fighting time as I am waiting too long to get the Confirmation that health care here needs (I am on the waiting list in Alberta Canada where after a year and a Half had the 1st MRI a cpl weeks ago and still waiting on the spine clinic). The trouble here is that Radiologists are trained in 2D thinking where I look ahead to all outcomes.

So in summation .... The final question is will My issues degrade to the point of no return if Alberta Health doesn't approve the financing STAT as they say?

It is frustrating that I must try to live and function while health care gets it's shite together on insane doses of Oxycontin and spend nights up in worry as My spine degrades and think of ways to come up with about 90 grand to fund the proceedure Myself.

Thanks in advance for the help offered,