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Thread: Neurologist appt after 5 years any questions that I should be asking

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    Neurologist appt after 5 years any questions that I should be asking

    Hey guys I've been paralyzed for 7 yrs now but unfortunately haven't seen a neurologist in probably 5 yrs. The last 3 yrs have been complete hell for me. I have been admitted into the hospital at least 15 times in those 3 yrs & it seems like I'm getting worse. My primary Dr. is a wonderful Dr but she can only do so much especially since her specialty isn't a spinal cord injury. I end up in the ER completely out of it fighting trying to get out of my bed, not knowing what's going on. They get IV's on me & start me on antibiotics usually 6-8 hrs later I begin to come out of it. Most of the time they find that I have a urinary infection. Last time I had finished my antibiotics & 4 days later I had another infection. I'm finishing another course of antibiotics & I can tell that I'm getting another infection. I'm not sure if I need to discuss this with my Neurologist whom I go & see tomorrow or with my Urologist who I see in a month. I just haven't seen a Neurologist in such a long time & was wondering if you could think of any questions that maybe helpful for me to ask while I'm there.

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    The neurologist will be able to answer questions regarding your nervous system. They might include if he can tell any strength changes, motor changes or sensory changes. The urologist would be the one I would talk to about the uti's. I would ask for urodynamics (if you haven't had them in a year), possibly kidney function tests and any other procedures that you might need to determine what is going on with your urinary tract. You don't say how you manage your bladder, but that would be helpful to know in order to give you some more ideas. Include any medications that you are on, if you can.


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