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Thread: Help, I'm having twins :o!!!

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    I have Chippers email address. Would you like me to contact her for you? Chipper had a boy and a girl as well. I have not heard from her in awhile. The twins would be about a year old now.
    She and I traded tips on equipment, etc. My youngest just turned 6. There are some pieces of equipment that are easier to use than others...I personally find Century better than Graco. Also alot of equipment that is just a waste of money. I have seen an adapted crib that opens loke a door for putting the baby in and out...sure wish I had had one.

    What level are you? That will make alot of difference.

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    Wow Erin, many congrats on your pregnancy. I can't believe your life is moving along so quickly. Congratulations on your upcoming marriage too!

    Here are two CC topics that contain good advice and links for disabled moms to be.

    Good news...I am pregnant with twins!

    Moms with SCI

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    Cheesecake- If you could email Chipper for me that would be great. My email address is on here I believe, under my profile.

    I have really considered getting a Mini van, but the car I have now is just a year old and paid off. We have no money what so ever to put towards a car payment at the moment, so I have no idea what I am going to do. Maybe someone would trade me?? Yea right .

    Thanks Mike for all your advice, luckily my Grandmother and my mother in law don't work, so they will probably be able to help me in the first months of the babies lives.

    I think that I am going to have my Spinal Cord Commission case worker help me adapt a crib and put doors on it. He got his undergrad degree in furniture design, so he said he can help modify the furniture.

    Thanks again everyone for all your advice and support .

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    Wow Erin! Congrats. I hope everything goes great for you and your fiance!
    Oh wait it is late Saturday - Maybe you are already married - Happy Honeymoon!

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    Congratulations Erin!
    Nice to see you posting.
    Best Wishes with Everything!!

    "I guess pain is a great motivator."- Yanni

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    Congratulation's to you both!!!
    My sister has twin daughter's that are now 19 yr's old "Identical" with blond hair and I still can't tell them apart!!

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    Hi Erin,

    I'm new here, but would like to say Congratulations on your marriage and your twins. I have twin 4 year old boys, but I am only 6 months post injury. I don't have any advice to give you on how to handle the twins being a para...other than lots of help, but I did want to tell you that for as hard as it is to raise twins, even being able-bodied, it is well worth it!! You not only get the gift of seeing each child have his own personality, but you also get to see how they react to each other with that special twin bond. It is a truly amazing gift. I am in awe of my boys every single day. Once again Congrats, and good luck, Erin!!

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    [QUOTE]Originally posted by Erin:

    ( I've gotten three books on raising and parenting multiples, but there aren't any books out there about raising twins with SCI from a wheelchair. )

    I'm not having kids anytime soon but if there aren't any books that you can find on SCIs raising twins and experiences of doing that from a wheelchair, why not think of writing one yourself, after all in about 4 years you'll be an old pro, so take notes. You sound very dtermined and once you get the time, not real soon...twins are on the way!.., I see no reason why you wouldn't be able to write one that could help future paras and quads even, who are going to have twins. Congratulations and I wish you the best.

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    Congratulations Erin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I'm trying to type this as my two, not even three months old twins are taking naps (they don't last). I am the AB in the family, but you will just need to try to adapt the house and everything else to the twins...

    I keep mine in the same crib, I'm thinking about moving them out of the bedroom into the nursery in next couple of weeks. There is a magazine for twins called Twins you can order, there is lots of great ideas how to deal with two bundles of joy.
    From the website you can order special things, like dual carriers, etc.

    It's interesting having two babies, but since I never had just one, I just feel the way, that whatever you do for one, you do it again for the other one.

    And one more thing: Get any help you can!

    If you have any question please ask, or email me...

    Good luck!


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    I bumped this cause I am wondering how Erin and new hubby are gettin on with the twins. Does anyone know. Hoping things are going smooth for you Erin.

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