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Thread: Sneaking Away...

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    Sneaking Away...

    As I slowly ease my numb hand(because my arm was pressed on the bed rail) from my daughters grip I watch her face...was that an eye opening? I pause...and slowly, cautiously push myself upright, wincing at every squeak and creak of my powerchair. Please, please, let her stay asleep I pray. I watch her face and listen to her breathing, is the time right to attempt my getaway? My thumb hesitates over the on button...will the 'beep' wake her up? I push the button 'BEEP' her eye twitches and her hands clench...but she stays asleep. Thank God,I look at my watch...5 minutes and I'll continue my getaway. I sit in silence, praying my leg doesn't spasm and kick my chair. Tick, tick, tick...ok it's time. My hand hesitates over the joystick, my chest tightens, will the 'click' of the gears engaging wake her up. Finally I go for it, 'CLICK'.....she startles but doesn't awake. I carefully back up, creeaaakkk the floorboards squeak, I pray I don't bump the door on my way out. I manuveure around a toy on the floor, over to the computer and breathe a sigh of releif. I made it, hopefully I'll get a few hours of peace and quiet. Unless the mailman knocks, or the phone rings, or....

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    How long did that take 10 15 minutes, and did you get your quiet time? That is a really tricky thing to do quietly leave the room. While a baby is sleeping.

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    yeah 15-20 minutes and she slept for an hour

    "Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow"
    ~ Anon
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    Oh my Emi!!! That brings back some memories for me!!!

    It is so hard to sneak out of the room with the horrible clicking of my power chair.
    I eventually started implementing 'white noise' to offset the quiet so that my chair was not so loud. We would play very soft music in the room and/or turn on the bathroom exhaust fan (the bathroom was adjacent to their room). it did help a lot!

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    I found trying to sneak makes it worse. just go. They squirm a bit but then your "free" for that hour. LOL! and you save that 10 minutes of sneaking time!

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    I used to play a CD of rain/thunderstorms when putting Melissa down for a nap, it helped her get to sleep and stay that way, covers up other noises that might disturb. Worked like a charm .


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    I have thought both of my boys to be just layed down and they go off to sleep. If they are really tired there is no trick to it, they just hug their little lovey and fall asleep. (Now I just keep praying they stay doing it forever?!)

    If they wake up at night, Milan always needs a little hug & kiss, his binky and his elephant and he goes back to his dreamland. Robert likes little back rub, hugs his Winnie the Pooh and falls back asleep (and he still wants a bottle at midnite - I think he just wants to feel me holding him anymore...).

    But it sure is a beautiful sight of them sleeping peacfully and needing that touch of yours, isn't it. Sometimes I wonder if I even want to leave their room...

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