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    new member: some information

    i was diagnosed with transverse myelitis in 1993 i was seven years old and i am a paraplegic since i don't really know the cause because but before it happened i was beaten severe and my legs were having those asleep,numbness and tingling sensation after the beating and i went to sleep and when i woke up next morning i could not move my legs i could not stand and i had no feelings below the waist so could the beating have caused it or something else because other than that i had no other sickness of any kind

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    Sorry such a terrible and deliberate thing happened to you.
    I don't have any info on this. Just wanted to say hi.

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    Did you ever get your diagnosis confirmed at a center that specializes in TM?

    Did you get evaluated for a possible vascular cause of your SCI? For example, an AVM, spinal cord infarction (which could be related to trauma) or a fibrous cartilage embolism (FCE)? The latter is often associated with high intensity physical exercise/activity, which taking a beating certainly qualifies for!

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