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Thread: amd vs. intel

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    amd vs. intel

    looking to by a new computer and was wondering what the opinions are on the amd brand versus intel brand. would like to get a quad core processor. any opinions welcomed

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    I've only had AMD cpu's and have never had a problem. They are cheaper than intel and, if you are in to overclocking, are much more stable at speeds faster than intel cpu's can handle.

    If you aren't into overclocking, have hundreds of dollars extra you're willing to spend, and absolutely need to have the fastest thing out there, intel is the way to go. Check out for speed comparisons.

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    Right now Intel is making a better chip, but a top-of-the-line AMD Quad Core is nothing to sneeze at.
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    IMHO you get much bigger bang for the buck with Intel Core i5 nowdays. Overall performance of these chips if outright smashing. For around $250 bucks you can get a chip that will outperform chips that sold for 1000+ less than a year ago.

    It should be plenty for most common tasks - browsing the web, watching HD movies, playing games and even encoding your own HD video.

    Unless you actually do plan to encode a lot of your own HD video, I'd recommend to stick with quad-core and turn off hyper-threading since few modern apps can actually use more than 4 cores effectively (to tell the truth one core is enough for 90% of the apps)

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    if you have the money to burn and want the latest and greatest then definitely go with intel's i7, but if you want the best bang for your buck then amd is what you want. i am actually also in the process of building a desktop and a server. for my desktop, i just ordered an amd 3.4ghz quad-core for $183 at newegg. compare this to intel's 3.3ghz quad-core at close to $1k... i don't care how much faster and smarter it is, i'd rather go with amd on this one. however, i picked an intel atom 330 for my server.

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    Back in 2004, I read a great book called PC Hardware in a Nutshell, 3rd Edition. It told you step by step how to buy the parts and build a PC. It spent a lot of time talking about processors. The authors' advice was, picking a processor should be a monetary decision. The authors recommended spending about $100 for a processor unless money really is no object. Instead they recommended that you spend the extra money for memory, bigger faster disks, etc.

    Just for fun, I made a chart of the cost of processors versus the power. I found want they said was true. At that time a 2.6 Ghz processors was $120, a $3.0 GHz was $500, and a 3.2 Ghz was over $1,000. So, about 20% more speed cost almost 8 times as much. Could you tell the difference running apps -- nope.

    So, unless you are doing cutting edge workstation graphics, spend you money on memory and software. You can be certain, Windows and its apps are not through growing.

    Finally, they said Intel versus AMD should also be a monetary decision. Buy what is cheaper. At the time, they liked AMD. I bought Intel because I was chicken to wander too far from my previous computer.

    If you are still interested, read the first post in their forum:;f=2;t=3951

    PS. I'm still using my machine. Knock on wood, it's been running 24 X 7 for 6 years.

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    Agree with going with intel, amd is sucking it up! poor guys.
    What I do is buy a cheaper cpu that supports some nice overclocking and then I simply overclock it. My computer is super old and its running a duo core both at 4ghz. I can't tell the difference in speed from 3-4ghz though.
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    Good question and helpful feedback. I've been wanting to get some old parts together and build a simple box for Isis, and wondered the same thing.
    Last time I made anything was years ago, and I'd always noticed AMD having
    issues with overheating as opposed to Intel.
    My last box had better A/C than my truck lol.
    Is that still something that is a problem?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mr_coffee View Post
    Agree with going with intel, amd is sucking it up! poor guys.
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    Macs come with Intel. For PeeCee boards I get AMD64. On these I run compiled code.

    Some say Intel may have better integer performance for interpreted applications such as spread sheets etc. I don't use spreadsheets. Since the Pentium M Intel have been concentrating on balancing power and performance for these types of applications. This is required for laptops to be small or able to run from battery.

    Supercomputers use AMD64 as they run compiled Fortran.

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