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    Hi, I am new here. I've been going thru this site for 3 yrs but have been a bit shy to join. I am C6-7 incomplete. Right hand has little movement, fingers can move a little but hard to close hand all the way. Not a strong grip at all. Left hand is a bit stronger, can close hand all the way but thumb is not very strong and it is very flexible. Yesterday I tried putting my hair up w/little success. I can keep my hair away from my face using those clips that u press and it clips. It is getting warmer here and I would like to put my hair up myself without depending on others or relying on 1980 type accessories and wonder if there are any aids or ways to do it? My hair is currently past my collar bone.



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    A trim, maybe? I keep my a bit shorter than I used to - it works for me, might not work for you.

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    Thank you! I try to avoid cutting it b/c I like to donate my hair when it is long enough, but warm weather and AD during my period make it difficult to handle. May have to give in and cut it up to my chin.


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    How about those plastic headbands? My daughter wears them all the time so they must be in style

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    I would find the accordian type headband that stretches and can be connected above your forehead by sliding it into itself. It's overall shape is like a big WWWWWW that pulls the hair up off your shoulders snug, but yet should be easy enough to slide the ends together for you. They are very comfortable. This might be what you are looking for!

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    hair gets all knotted around thr wwwwwwww headbands especially where it connects.

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    I have always kept my hair short because it is simply easier to take care of. It's short enough that after a shower I essentially just have to give my head a shake, and maybe use one of my paws to push it in the right direction.

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    have you tried an octopus clip? it doesn't take as much pressure to open as the banana clips and it holds thick hair securely. the brand i use is 'scunci'

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    i keep my head shaved. so easy and dont have to fight with my curls. not recommended for everyone. i used to just pull it back in a scrunchy or have someone pretie a scarf for me and use it to hold the hair back.
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    For days I don't feel like having someone do something, I use a headband. Personally, I love the wwwwww ones b/c they look cute when my hair is left naturally wavy or straight, plus they hold tight. dash, I've found the secret to be pull forwards instead of backwards or upwards to take it out.

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