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Thread: SCI premonition?

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    Jesse might not have had any premonition about his accident but I have always know something would happen to him. I worried constantly about him and I could picture him laying in a hospital bed, unable to move. It was a different worry that I would have about his brother. A few days before his accident Jesse and I had to go to a nearby town. He was driving and hadnt buckled in. I yelled at him to buckle and then said "What do you end up having to have me wipe your butt the rest of your life?" Thankgoodness, it didnt come to that, but the nightmare that I was living before the accident finally game true only a few days later when he broke his neck in a car accident. He is C7 but doing pretty well in comparison.

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    I have a friend who is a practicing attorney in San Fernando Valley, California. About a week before David was injured, he kept looking up at the sky expecting something to hit him on top of the head. It got so bad that he went to see a psychiatrist about this. I believe one or two days later he was body surfing at Redondo Beach and he broke his neck. After rehab, he went on to get his law degree at UCLA. His father recently died from cancer and he was a Superior Court judge.

    I was watching TV a few years ago and they did a story about the Nixons. Mr. Nixon has two sons, and both of them have broken necks from a vehicle rollover. It is a sad story to have two sons with high level injuries, and Mr. Nixon said that he would do anything if only one of his sons had a broken neck. To keep both boys going he spends about $40,000 every month, and I do not know where this money comes from. If anyone is interested in this story I will try to get all the details.


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    Like you, Beelady, I always knew something was going to happen to Dan.

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    A week before my accident I dreamed I was in wreckage with snow fall surrounding me. I was wearing a brown jacket linedwith sheepskin (I didn't havesuch a jacket at the time). I dreamed of lying in the snow and my legs feeling like they had fallen asleep. I thought I was lying in plane wreckage.

    One week later I found myself reliving the dream. Including the brown sheepskin jacket. Only this time it was for real aqnd when I felt my legs tingling like they were asleep I realized I was paralyzed and couldn't move. It was November 19, 1982 . . . the first snowfall of the year. I was lying in the cab of a truck turned over on its side with snow falling down on me through the front window opening that had blown out from the accident.

    Talk about deja vu. There's more but I prefer not to talk about it here. Suffice it to say I believe in messages from the future.

    What we do in life echoes in eternity. Maximus - Gladiator

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    The fall before my accident I was hiking and doing some rock scrambling with some friends. Near the top of our ascent I came *very* close to losing my balance and falling over backwards off the edge about 50-75 feet. I thought to myself, "I should chill out with some of this potentially dangerous adventure-type stuff, because someday I'll really hurt myself."

    well, the following January I break my neck downhill skiing, although it wasn't b/c I did anything stupid... the trail just ran out of snow... freak accident... but still.

    that being said, I still miss the adrenaline of outdoor sports. I'd be out there again in a heartbeat if I could.

    lar - that's freaky. check your PMs shortly.

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    Wow. A lot of people had these premonitions. I can't say I really had any vision of the future or anything dramatic, but right before I walked into the party something in me just started telling me to walk away. I didn't listen to it of course. I can't exactly put my finger on what it was that day, but it was wierd.

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    My experience is not as exact as a lot of you all have but weird nonetheless. Since I was a little kid, I would upon occasion lay in bed and pretend my legs didn't work. . . How would I try to get out of bed? How would I get dressed? How would I get around?

    And now I know how.

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    I don't think qualifies as a premonition, but my brother Dennis (C5) had donated money to PVA just a week before his accident this past July. We found his receipt in his apartment when we went to clear out his stuff.

    He just felt paralyzed vets need our help. Now he needs so much help....

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    Mine is like Angelas just weird in as a kid I used try to do everything with my toes..I used turn off the bath with my toes even tried to play the piano with my toes (its my arms that don't work properly now)and before my injury the only part of my body i ever used bother exercising was my upper arms as I always wanted them as strong as possible. Just weird.

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    I used to have a recurring dream for about 5 years at least once a month pre-acc. In that mid-stage right before sleep, I'd dream I was riding my bike and BAM! I'd fall or something and it would jolt me awake like a shock.
    I don't get that dream anymore.

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