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Thread: SCI premonition?

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    From the age of 7 to 27 I had the same dream over and over again at least 2 dozen times about me playing in a baseball game on a field with no homerun fence. In real life I knew that I would not be able to play on the 4 nice baseball fields next to the high school I would later go too that had grass outfields and homerun fences. I was going to have to play on a field with no grass in the out field or fence. And the dream went,

    I hit a drive over the outfielder's head and start running the basses. 1st and 2nd base are no problem but when I get to 3rd and round it my legs get weak and I have to slow down and straighten up to keep my balance and then my legs get too weak to stand and I start crawling toward homeplate and then my legs give out and I'm dragging myself with my arms that giveout 2 feet from home plate and I'm tagged out and then wake up.

    Never once did this happen to me playing baseball from the age of 10 to an adult baseball league the season before my injury.

    But 4 years after my injury I had been using my forearm crutches for awhile when I accidently locked my keys in the car with my crutches and cell phone at a park 2 blocks from my house so I started walking the 1st block that was flat with no problem but then their was a downhill grade that I was shakey on but I had parked cars, a telephone pole and then a brick wall to help me to a point that all I'll I have too do is go around the corner, cross the street and my front door is the 4th house on the left. Or I should replace corner of the block with "rouding 3rd base and replace my front door with homeplate and the dream plays out in detail.


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    it wasnt a premonition for me but when i was young.. between 7 and 11 i would wake up dazed and i couldnt move or breathe.. sort of like the state u r in right before you fall asleep. I would tell myself to move but i just couldnt. then i would start having seizures.. eppilipsy my doc told me... but what was weird is after an episode i would lay there unable to talk (al,most like i was aphasia'd) slurring, and i couldnt move my body.. i could breathe but slowly i would be able to and everything would be back to normal..

    doc said it is just a kid thing and i grew out of it.

    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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    i forgot to add.. it was my right side that was affected.. apparently its called Todd's Paralysis.

    im hemiplegia now. right side affected
    c5/c6 brown sequard asia d

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