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Thread: any interesting stories in your family's past?

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    My uncle looked after the horse of a Louisiana politician. One day while transporting the horse, my uncle had an accident and the horse -- named Sunshine -- was killed. The song "You Are My Sunshine, My Only Sunshine" was written by that politician about that horse.

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    My wife's the one with all the stories that people will admit to. Well, I do have a story in one geneology about a guy who became a hobo about 100 years ago, but that's about as exciting as it gets on my side.

    Now in my wife's family, there's the guy who used to earn his living as a graverobber and sell the fresh bodies to med schools. He'd even dress the bodies up and put them beside him on the wagon seat.

    Then there's her great-aunt who saw a young male relative walking down the dirt road with a shotgun and an angry expression and asked him where he was going. It was fairly well known that he was brunt of too many practical jokes and he said he was going to shoot somebody. Before he had time to move, she grabbed the gun away from him and started beating him with the stock all the way to his house.

    When my father-in-law was a baby, his mother walked into the nursery one night to see an intruder climbing in the second-story window. She nailed him with a shot from her trusty derringer and knocked him out the window and down to the ground.

    My father-in-law was also a prisoner of war in WW2 in Germany. He was a very small guy and had a young-looking face. One older German prison guard took pity on him, thinking he must be only about 12 years old. After 6 months the older guy retired and on his last day he brought my FIL a change of clothes to dress like a German school-boy, a map, and a gun, then let him out of the prison. He made his way back to American lines and finished the war.

    I could keep going, but you get the idea.

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    Originally posted by sherry38:

    Xavieria Hollander is my gets weirder from there
    Any chance a copy of her book, autographed, could be donated to one of the paralysis groups to raise money from the silent auction? And I would deriously empty my own rainy day fund at the auction if there is an autographed anything to her from Rod Stewart. Hell, maybe you could ask her to call old Rod for an autographed CD?? Honest, the TMA does a silent auction each year so if it's possible contact me and I'll hook you up with the guy in charge.

    But how cool! I read the Happy Hooker when I was a teenager. I doubt she'll have many regrets on her deathbed.

    Courage doesn't always roar. Sometimes courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, "I will try again tomorrow."

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    my dad and I have the same first, middle and last name.

    my dad and I were both paralyzed in automobile accidents (we weren't in the same wreck)
    My dad recovered. I didn't.

    my dad and I both died in automobile accidents(again, we were not together)
    I recovered. My dad didn't.


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    Im a full blooded Scot on both sides,im the first born out of Scotland.So my whole family's past is interesting story

    ''In a world called catastrope my native tongue is blasphomy''

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    Back in 1894, my great-great grandfather was a horse thief from Montreal and he escaped authorities (along with his wife and three kids) by sneaking into Minnesota.

    He was the modern-day version of a car thief! lol

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    Interesting? Dunno, but what the heck...

    A month and a few days before my mum's 17th birthday, she gave birth to me.

    A month and a few days before my 17th birthday, I broke my neck.

    I'm cautiously looking forward to my little brother's 17th birthday to see what he does.


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    I had my SCI (c-4 Quad) Thursday July 12, 1984 racing bicycles. My sister fell on the same track at the same place sustaining a hairline fracture at t-4 one year prior on July 10, 1983.

    This is the spot at the bottom of the picture at the base of the jump.
    (note: This isn't me, this was taken after my accident)

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    (Life/Family mods: Could you move this topic to "Family"?)

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    My husband's paternal family line goes back in North America to the 1600's. I'm sure there are stories, but we don't know them...

    I had a great-grandfather on my mother's side who got away with murder. He was a few bricks short of a load...thought his wife was cheating on him with the brother-in-law, and went over to her sister's house when his wife was there visiting her sister and shot the place up. He killed the sister and her four year old son. This was around the turn of the century, and he was let off because by golly, a man had a right to shoot at unruly wimmen in those days!

    A number of years later, he was himself shot to death after barricading himself in his house and shooting at random people outside. The police came and shot the place up, killing him (but apparently not putting any bullet holes in the various religious pictures hanging on the walls, which was a major point in the newspaper story).

    AB wife of T8 complete para

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