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Thread: any interesting stories in your family's past?

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    Mom has been sick for the past month or so, with a terrible cough. A few days ago, while coughing almost uncontrollably, she recalls how she had similar problem when she was a very young child.

    Her parents did not know why she was coughing so, but knew she was ill. They did not see a doctor. There was war. They lived in a small fishing village off the coast, where her father was a fishing boat captain and fresh fish was so abundant that you could literally eat them right out of the ocean. It was also a scarey time, because they weren't safe. She remembers being sick, with the relentless cough when they and the rest of the people in her village were going to hide from the North Koreans. They went to hide in a cave-like dwelling underneath the mountainside. Their neighbors were becoming annoyed because her cough was preventing them from hiding in silence and putting everyone in danger. She coughed throughout the night. In the morning, noticing respite from her cough, some neighbors asked her mother, "Is she dead?"

    I think they asked that in a hopeful way.

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    Sherry 38, with a cousin like that I'm sure you've got some interesting tales to tell. me madame..

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    my mother's relatives were famous smugglers

    Larkem's Cove in England was named after them cause it's where they dun it

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    mum knew a handsome naval chap who lived near my grandparents until he broke his neck diving in shallow water in the south of England - he had 2 children by that time and a wife - in those days quadriplegics didn't get out of bed so he lived 9 years getting fatter and fatter, according to his sister, who said that thing in bed is not my brother anymore.

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    the novel written by jack london.."the sea-wolf" was penned after my great grandmother. she was a rum runner in southern new england and ran a speakeasy out of her inn in connecticut.

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    my grandfather on my dads side was in ww2 and was captured when the japs took battan. he survived the deth march and had to sew his own nose back on after it was blown off in a bomb raid. after months of forced labor the prisoners were forced into board covered trenches durring an air raid. thinking this was odd, my grandpa and 7 others dug out and escaped the pit just before the japs dumped aviation fuel in the trenches and torched most of them. he hid in a trash pile for 12 days untill ground troops arived. in the battle he killed a jap officer and took his sword. i grew up with this story and a smelly blood stained sword in my dads closet.

    my other grandpa worked on the apollo 13 computers, and my grandma swears i'm related to will rogers but i'm not sure how.

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    I find it kind of interesting that motorcycles did in both me and and my grandfather on my mothers side. I got my SCI from a motorcycle, and my grandfather got a headstone from a motorcycle after crashing head on into a car after turning into a street in the '40's in France. I guess bikes dont like my family.

    And how's this for coincidental... Both my gf and I went to the same high school, lived 5 blocks from each other on the same street, knew many of the same people from highschool, but werent aware of each other's existance until we met over 10 years afterwards.

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    My dad's cousin fled the oilfields of central Kansas with a gangster (I thhink it was Al Capone). She died in prison of syphillis in her early thirties.

    Great-grandpa killed a man in Texas, self defense after an argument. He spent a year in prison.

    Great-grandmother was full-blooded Cherokee, they are still in denial on this one but the records are there. I wonder why there is so much shame about native American heritage in that generation?

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    Poland lost 1939 campaign not only because of Germans superior power and tactics but also because it was stabbed in the back by Soviets. After partition of Poland bet. Hitler and Stalin, my father family was under soviet occupation. Because my grandfather and his brother were volunteers in Polish-Soviets war in 1920, my grandfather family-him, grandmother and 3 children (my father was 8 years old) were scheduled to be sent to Siberia. Their day was June 22, 1941. On that day Germany attacked Russia.
    Bet. 1939-41 400-450 thousands Poles was sent to Siberia, almost 100 thousand died. My family was lucky.

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    A grandmother with eight "greats" was Mary Esty, one of the women accused of being a witch and hanged during the Salem witchcraft trials.

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