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Thread: walking paras - shopping carts!

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    walking paras - shopping carts!

    have you guys tried pushing loaded shopping carts? man, i made it almost all the way around the market on a whim! give it a try - Garro.

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    I tend to do that, but it really irritates my boys - they're worried I'm going to "loose my legs" & fall. It's good exercise, though.

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    I thought it was pretty good exercise when I pushed a cart around the store in my wheelchair for the first time a couple of weeks ago. I bet it's even harder while being a walking para.

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    They are redeveloping the carpark where I shop if I have to get lots of stuff and I had to park beyond my comfort zone away. I then discovered that I couldn't push a trolley on uneven ground, over curbs, around corners. Its fine if I get one that goes straight while I'm in the shop, but once outside - no way. It was one of those 'moments' when you realise it doesn't matter how hard you try, you just can't do something. The other time I had that realisation was when I managed to get up a ladder and into the ceiling to check on a leak - and then got stuck up there and couldn't get down

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    I love the shopping cart thing. I throw my crutches in there and push around Cost Co, Target, and WalMart - I may have to include those in 'what workout did you do today?"
    They are happening.....

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    I do very well with a shopping cart. hate walkers, but If I used one I would be very stable.

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    How do you get the bloody things to stay on a straight course? I always seem to get one with dodgy wheels and can't push off enough (sideways) to keep it straight. By the time I'm fionished I'm exhausted (give me a 3hr hilly bike ride anyday LOL).

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    Another big thumbs up for shopping carts. I always "drive" in the grocery store.

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    Late night grocery GITT'N

    I was in Safeway late one night and the Check Out clerk noticed a "Limp" (my legs wobble and hobble with out the AFO and the Loftstrand crutches). I told her I was T-4 Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury. She said OH a limp is a Good Thing. I assured her that just being on my feet was a WONDERFUL thing, and I was glad that she cared enough to ask.

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