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Thread: Alternatives to Bactrim?

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    Alternatives to Bactrim?

    I'm currently taking Bactrim for a UTI and although it seems to be taking out the infection, the medication makes me quite sick. I'm dizzy/nauseous and my digestive tract has come to complete standstill (aside from small amounts of smelly mucous). Miralax doesn't help nor does "probiotics".

    Are there any alternatives to Bactrim that attack the same bacteria but have fewer side effects?

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    Forgot to mention, the particular bug I'm dealing with is Serratia marcescens.

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    Lazlo, I'm going to assume that since you know what bacteria is behind the UTI, you've already had a C&S run. The C&S will tell you to what other antibiotics the Serratia marcescens is sensitive -- just call your doctor and ask him/her to switch you to something else listed on the C&S results.
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    Well I called the doc and they said I can switch to Cipro for the remainder of the prescription. However, they said that the bacteria is only partially sensitive to Cipro, and that Bactrim is the best (only?) available drug for treating the infection totally. I was hoping there was another drug that was equally effective but I guess not.

    I'll switch to the Cipro tomorrow since I've been on the Bactrim for five days already. I'm feeling so sick from it right now the UTI seems not so bad anymore.

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    Hope it does the trick .... and I think I will be keeping my distance, since I am allergic to Bactrim!

    (So far, Cipro has done the trick for me, but like HC said, it depends on the C&S)
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    I sure hope the Cipro will do the trick for you, Lazlo. It's terrible when the cure makes you feel far worse than the infection you're treating.

    With such limited options for antibiotics, you might be interested in the discussion about using instillations of a product called Microsyn/Vetericyn to treat UTIs (and other infections) that's going on in the thread titled, "An Open Letter to Dr. Young."

    sjean, you can add being allergic to Bactrim to the growing list of things we have in common. :-) It worked great for me for years and years before I spontaneously developed an allergy to it. I really hated to have to cross Bactrim and other sulfonamides off of the list of treatment options -- unlike Lazlo, it was one of the only antibiotics that had no side effects when I took it.
    It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience.

    ~Julius Caesar

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    An allergy, I never thought of that. I wonder if I'm allergic to this stuff. It sure makes me sick. I took the last one tonight and I'll switch to Cipro tomorrow morning. Hopefully my guts will start working again on their own. Last time I had to guzzle two bottles of magnesium citrate to get things moving again!

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    An allergic reaction is not becoming constipated. It consists of having hives, sneezing, wheezing, itching, and can lead to a respiratory arrest. Anytime you have any of these symptoms you need to STOP the medication and get to your doctor or ER as soon as possible. It can become life threatening.

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    I take methenamine to prevent a UTI, havew been for 3 months and seems to do the trick. But get the bug cleared out first. Good luck

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