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Do you have or know of anyone who has a blood pressure cuff? Might be a good idea at the very least to get a reading on his BP and see where thats at. Also take his temp and pulse rate.
He monitors his BP on his own. It is where it usually is for him. He is breathing ok, mostly the swelling is in his legs. Which is where it always starts and works its way up. I told my mom to keep an eye on him for the night. He doubled his water pill today and has been peeing all day. He is afraid if he goes to the ER that they wont do anything or they will do too much like the last time. My mom is calling the Dr office first thing in the morning and he said if he cant get in to see the dr then that he would go to the ER. So, fingers crossed it will be an uneventful night and will get in right away in the morning. There is just no reasoning with the man. I mean its not like he is healthy to begin with, high bp, high cholesteral, diabetic, pacemaker, defib, and a leaky heart valve etc etc.