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Thread: Just felt a little earthquake

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    Quote Originally Posted by Buck_Nastier View Post
    My table started shaking and I thought I was going crazy, so I
    turned around to focus my eyes and saw my ceiling fan and
    chandelier swaying.

    I called the non-emergency number to find out if anyone else
    in my area had reported weird movement and the operator
    confirmed that it was an earthquake. Kind of a bitch about it
    too. "Yeah, it's called an earthquake."

    I guess the epicenter was Baja Mexico. Me 1, Earthquake 0. HA!
    Don't feel bad...LOL It was my first too. I didnt find out until later last night what it really was. I thought my blood sugar was low or something. I don't have a chandelier but I did feel the ripple like feeling.

    I would have liked to have been out by the pool to see the water sloshing though.
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    "It's called an earthquake", LOL, what a bitch.
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