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Thread: Kids books w/ disabled parents!

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    Kids books w/ disabled parents!

    Recommendations are from SIA publications, a UK organization for SCI's Http://

    'Boots for a Bridesmaid' and 'Are We There Yet?' 2 children's books by Verna Wilkins.

    Both books present a positive image of family life and disability. 'Boots for a Bridesmaid' features Nicky, a young reluctant bridesmaid, who hates frills and flowers give her hay fever. She works with her wheelchair-user Mum to prepare for the big day. This book is for 6-8 year olds.

    'Are We There Yet?' has a family being driven to a Leisure Park by their wheelchair-user dad. The title refers to the usual back seat questions aimed at the driver. This book is for 2-5 year olds.

    Both of these books are available from

    Note: Amazon has another book by the same author "Are we there yet, Daddy?" which has a Dad not in a wheelchair.

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    Hi Miss Betheny ,do you no any books for 9-14


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    Here is a resource. It includes all types of disabilities, so you would need to review to find those that include SCI or related conditions (such as polio):

    Juvenile fiction including disabilities

    Here are some additional books I found at Amazon (different age groups). Most are about a child with a disability instead of a child with a disabled parent. Some are out of print, but available used:

    Rolling along with Goldilocks and the Three Bears

    Friends at School

    A Very Special Critter

    Don't Call Me Special: A First Look at Disability

    Howie Helps Himself

    Extraordinary People With Disabilities

    Teens With Physical Disabilities: Real-Life Stories of Meeting the Challenges (Issues in Focus)

    Athletes With Disabilities

    Talking about Disability

    The Disability Rights Movement

    People With Disabilities

    The Road Back : Living with a Physical Disability

    The Storm

    Susan Laughs

    The Berenstain Bears and the Wheelchair Commando

    My Buddy

    Arnie and the New Kid

    You'Ve Got a Friend

    My Mommy's Special

    Jonathan & Papa

    Mama Zooms

    Sammy Wakes His Dad

    Wheelchair Track Events

    Lets Talk About It: Extraordinary Friends

    Here is a list at Amazon put together by a first grade teacher:
    Books about physical disabilities

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    Not about spinal cord injury...but let me just say that Chris Crutcher's books are excellent, and "The Crazy Horse Electric Game" is one of the best. I saw it on the list in the first link.

    And another book about SCI, but this time from the perspective of the newly injured quad's twin's out of print I think, but there are a lot of them in the Amazon marketplace. Head Over Wheels by Lee Kingman. I read it a while ago, and I thought it was well written, even if just a little bit dated because of the original publication date. But not much.

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    Joni Eareckson Tada has written some good books too. We wore out a couple several years ago. Sorry, can't remember the titles.

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