Hi Everyone,

Wise was the first person to recognize the potential of Microcyn when he wrote this post.

At the time I couldn't find any Vetercyn or Microcyn anywhere so I started using hydrogen peroxide instead. I understand that H2O2 may be harmful to mucuos membranes but I've been using it for over 4 years as I explain HERE (follow the links too) and to my knowledge everything is fine. I'm still not even colonized.... the technique works and should be completely safe using Microcyn, I just wish Microcyn was cheaper.

Hi RDF- Bob,

I read about a study done in the UK instilling Betadine at different concentrations directly into the bladder and to my surprise there were no positive findings re UTIs. The whole idea in using an anticeptic in the way that I do is to keep bacteria from getting into the bladder. Prophylactically. Once the bladder is colonized or infected (same thing really) the bacteria must be in the bladder cell walls and needs to be attacked via the bloodstream with antibiotics.

There's actually nothing new about Microcyn. It's contents were and still may be used in some hospitals. All Oculus did with Microcyn was to give it a shelf-life. And that's just one year. It lost favor in hospitals because the machine that makes the solution is very expensive to buy and maintain and I imagine needs a technician to operate it and that adds to the cost.

A special shout-out to Susanne, Jen, CapnGimp/John and Bob.