Actually Leila, we are animals. For me, if it's good enough for a million+ dollar race horse, it's ok for me too.

Microcyn and Vetericyn are the same product. Vetericyn is $35 for 16 oz directly from Oculus.

Leila, you're probably way to young to remember back at the start of the AIDs epidemic in the 80's, infected people had trouble buying their meds. We all learned then that the exact same drugs sold via vet supply cost a LOT less than through pharmacy channels. This is part of why I have no problem using the vet packaging.

I have no argument with you but want to point out the REAL difference is packaging not safety or efficacy between the products.

I also want to say that this "protocol" has not been lab tested and I can only tell you it works for me. Who's to say that I won't develop some horrible condition secondary to continued use? I doubt it and for me it would be worth it because of the additional years I've had because I'm UTI-free. No lie. No exaggeration. I'd be dead by now if I hadn't curbed my UTIs.

YMMV. Good luck.