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Thread: Can I just say yesterday was a bad day?

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    Quote Originally Posted by LindaT View Post
    Thanks everyone-really. The next day better.
    Well, how was it??

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    Quote Originally Posted by qbounce View Post
    Well, how was it??
    I think she meant the next day was better...

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    I soo thought of this thread yesterday morning. It was about an hour and half before everyone was to be at my house for Easter. I was mopping the floors and finishing the meal. Already gave David his shower and he was coming out of our bedroom which has a small ramp. He hit the doorway and I said jokingly watch were youre going. And then he goes to the kitchen and hits the table. I just look at him not thinking its funny anymore. And he says, it's not me, the chair is going where it wants to go. So I back him up and sure enough I hit the table. I get him turned around and the wheel is like about ready to fall off. I get the hoyer lift, get him out of the chair, attempt to move the chair about 2 inches and BAM the drive wheel falls off. Long story short, the weld on the rim broke. Had to call a neighbor over to weld it. Family all started arriving, I was an hour late to my own Easter dinner at my own house! Just thankful it happened at home and not in town. Needless to say will be filing a warranty claim as this is the chair we just got him in December.

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    Not to make light of your post, but it was indeed poetic in a way. Here's to better days.......

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