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Thread: How do you feel?

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    How do you feel?

    Hi, mine name is Tatiana and I am 14 years old. My dad got paralyzed when he was 17 years old in a vehicle accident. I am glad that they set up this forum for kids whose fathers are in wheelchairs,also paralzyed and also that I and other kids can talk to people who are paralyzed!

    How do some of you feel about your mom or dad being in a wheelchair? Sometimes I feel sad and sometimes proud of my dad being in a wheelchair.

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    Hi, Tata! Welcome!

    I hope the other young folks will start posting here soon, but in the meantime, I have a couple of questions for you -

    What are the things that make you proud about your dad?

    PS - I love the name Tatiana!

    Do you ever have the chance to talk about spinal cord injury at school? Like do a project, or give a talk to the class?

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Well first of all, why I'm proud because he has been handling it very well. He can still hangout w/ us and eveything. Second, we aren't talking about spinal cords, but a few months ago we did. It's nice meeting you too.

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    Hi Tata, you are very sweet! You must be a sweet cutie pie! I greet my daughter, aged 17, "hi, sweet cutie pie" whenever I pick her up from school. And she will look into my eyes and say "hi, mom" with the sweetest smile and voice to me. How sweet...

    Your parents must be very proud of you, from the fact that you post here tells a lot about you!

    I tell you this, it is normal sometimes you feel sad because that's life. Even your dad is not in a wheelchair, you will still sometimes feel sad for some other reasons. For example, may be he is not always around and you so miss him very much!!

    When you have a moment, post your picture here, and if you have a problem, do not hesitate to let me know!


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    tata, my daughter's name is Talia (she is 24) but her younger brother use to call her Tata when he was a baby and couldn't pronounce her name. Wise.

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    Hi Tata,my name is Laure-Jane.My dad has an sci too.A branch fell on his back,after that I feel very sad.

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    Tata,has your dad been in the hostpital after his accident??

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    My dad got really sick during christmas of 1997 with real high fever and turned a really serious UTI that none fo the medicine to cure. We were afraid that he was going to die. About two years ago, he got real sick again and was in a lot of pain. We thought he had a syrinx in his spine. So my mom and dad flew down to Miami University for tests. He's okay now.

    Has your dad been sick?

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    Yes my dad has been in the hospital, he's actually there now.He's been in the hospital 3 times this year!He has a couple of sores on his butt.He has one on his belly too.It makes me feel sad. What did you do to make the sad feeling go

    LJ Rose

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    LJ Rose, how is your dad? Is he still in the hospital?
    What are your hobbies? I take piano lessons, read books, draw, write, chat on computer a little, I love horses, and I like to hang out w/friends.

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