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Thread: Physical assistance for parents w/ dis: Canada

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    Physical assistance for parents w/ dis: Canada

    What is Nurturing Assistance

    "Nurturing assistance is a time-limited service that provides physical assistance to parents with disabilities who have young children. Its function is to physically assist parents to undertake the tasks involved in caring for their children, as if the parents were doing it themselves. The service can last from birth through the first ten years of life.

    Nurturing assistants are paid employees who work under the direction and in the presence of the parent with a disability. Their role is to assist the parent with bathing and changing the child, preparing meals, lifting and carrying, nursing and cuddling the child, playing and parent-child interacting, etc., according to the day-to-day needs of the parent and child. The parent is responsible for the child's care and safety. "
    For info:
    nurturing assistance here

    There is a service available in Canada for parents with disabilities. This provides funding to hire "nurturing assistants" to assist with day-to-day parenting tasks.
    The service has been available for thirteen years but is still not well known. It can last from birth through ten years of age.

    Because this service is not well known, CILT (Centre for Independent Living in Toronto) has published a book on the subject: Nurturing Assistance, A Guide to Providing Physical Supports to Parents with Disabilities, published Feb 2002.

    For more information on Nurturing Assistance or to order a copy of the Nurturing Assistance Guide, contact Kimberly McKennitt at CILT, phone: 416-599-2458, ext. 35 or 1-800-354-9950 (toll-free in Canada); TDD: 416-599-5077; fax: 416-599-3555; e-mail:

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    Gee - she says wistfully - wish there was a service like this for the parents of disabled kids! I could use some nurturing right now!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    I was so excited when I saw this but it seems to be just in Ontario

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    Ontario only? Darn emi, I was thinking of you when I posted this.

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    My insurance just authorized up to $140 a week for aiding in the care of my two young children. It took them almost a year to authorize it but its great news. The past year I've only had them one night a week and its a pizza/ Mcdonalds type thing. Now I can have help for real food, bathing etc. Getting them up and out to the schoolbus at 715 in the morning by myself will be rough though. I think I'm gonna wait until the weather gets warmer.

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    c kennedy-
    That sounds like great news! Having kids around is so constructive, and they never let you slide. It's good for all concerned...

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