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Thread: Who are the Family Forum Members?

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    Who are the Family Forum Members?

    Just to get the ball rolling, I thought it'd be interesting to see where our 'family membership' lies. So tell us who you are! And if I've left out a category, I only had five lines to work with!

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    I'll go first, since I'm here already . I'm Marmalady, aka Jackie, mother of Matt, my 27 year old son with a C4-5 SCI, as well as a TBI. I'm also a moderator of the 'Caregiving' forum, and have been with the CareCure site since its beginning.

    Tough times don't last - tough people do.

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    Senior Member Jesse's Mom's Avatar
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    Winthrop, MN, USA
    Looks like you and I are the only ones to vote so far, Marmalady.

    I am Jesse's Mom, Joey. Jesse is 23 years old, a C7, incomplete since Dec. 14, 2002. He lives in CA going to therapy and I live in Minnesota with my husband and our other son, Jesse's brother, Bert. We have a family business which is beekeeping.

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    I'm Martha, my children are Tatiana (tata489)and Ruslan (ruru482). Unfortunately their father--C7 quad, 27 years post--and I are about to divorce. However he will always be their father, and I know they are looking forward to meeting other children of sci's out there and talking about stuff.

    For me, the entire Care/Cure forum has helped me to better understand my soon-to-be ex-husband. It has helped me sort out a lot of issues that hurt all of us in our little family--some of them sci related, others not.

    Thanks again Wise, Jeff, Bethney, Marmalady, etc. What you do every day for all of us out here is incomprehensible.

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    Hello all~

    I'm Vicky, mother of 23-year-old Brianna, who is a T11/12 complete. We are in snowy West Virginia, and looking ahead to late spring/early summer when Bri moves off to college!

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    Well hello all! Happy new year, I am Luisa Fernanda (nanda), My youngest brother has SCI ASIA C incomplete C5, 6 months post. I am a MD from South America,we live together in Bogotá, thankfully he is doing very well.
    I hope we may share just about everything, thanks for being there.


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    Hi, my son Jason is almost 14 and became paralysed after a collision with another soccer player seven years ago. He suffered an ischeamic brainstem stroke ( basilar artery dissection ) and became locked-in. He is incomplete now, but still completely dependent on others for his care.

    I've always only been interested in CURE issues since I feel there wouldn't be any care issues if we could just bring about the cure.

    BTW Nanda, I was born in Bogota but have European parents

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    delburne,alberta canada
    I am mom to Brian, 19 yrs.old, T5 incomplete,injured in motocross race. Three year anniversary Jan.26, and I am already feeling very apprehensive about that date. Brian lives on his own,(3 miles from us) with a roommate, and brother lives next door. He is quite independant. I am proud of him.

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    Hello, I am Laura, Mom to Heather age 11, T-12 complete, 3 years post. We live in Southwest Wisconsin. Heather is in 6th grade.

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    I'm betheny, a c5-6 walking quad and a mother. My stepson is 22, I've had him 20 yrs. now. My son Jacob is 14. I also have a 2 yr old granddaughter named Kayli who is pretty darned special. These kids keep life interesting, they teach me a lot, they drive me to distraction and make me laugh, sometimes simultaneously. I am very proud to meet all of you!

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