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Thread: Member intros for kids

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    Member intros for kids

    This is a place where the kids can share a little about themselves. Maybe they can also tell us what they would like to see on this forum!

    C5/6 incomplete, injured Aug. 2000

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    hey yall wat up. my name is jacob, bethenys son. i got in truble doubt im allowed to tell u y tho. my hobbies are: sports,girls,videogames,girls,motorcycles,girls,wo men,girls,and ladies, im a straight a,b sometimes c student and im not single. my mom got paralyzed when i was 11(im 14 now).

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    hey what's up! My dad got paralyzed when he was 17 years old. My hobbies are horsebach riding, piano, swimming, boys(even though I have one) and reading. I usually hangout over the weekends with my friends.

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    Hi,my name is Laure-Jane.My dad has an sci.I have a dog named Shady.She bites her self. We don't know why.My hobbies are playing the piano,dancing,singing and learning more about my dad.He is in the hospital.We hope he gets better soon.


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