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Thread: What would we like this forum to be?

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    What would we like this forum to be?

    Hi all,

    Welcome to the new Family Forum! I hope this will be a place for the kids to talk, where family members can post about their home lives and how it is affected by spinal cord injuries and other disabilities. The fun stuff, the boring stuff, the bad stuff and how we got through it. I am a parent with a spinal cord injury and it is an interesting journey. Our children, those with disabilities and those whose family members have one, have to be the most compassionate and adaptable people we will ever meet. We can learn a lot from them...jump on the ride, it will be fun!

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    My children are interested in hearing from other kids who have parents with sci. Since they don't know anyone else in town who has a parent in a wheelchair, they (my daughter especially) want to connect with other children who can relate to what they go through sometimes.

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    Hi! I'am really excited to talk to other kids and learn more.

    LJ Rose

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