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Thread: Equipment/Hand Contols for Cars

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    Equipment/Hand Contols for Cars

    I am looking for places to get my car adapted to my condition. Recently, I was injured and became new to the SCI community. Is there in place in the Columbus, Ga or some where close by to get my car adapted. Thanks for your responses in advance.

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    i'm not sure about columbus.....but there is B&W Handicap in fayetteville, ga. Chris Brewer is the owner. He does great work and very reasonable

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    Welcome to the boards. You'll be able to get a lot of questions answered here.

    I live about 50 miles from you in Plains, Ga. In Albany, Ga. there is an excellent place named Quail Country. Their phone number 888-208-7258 (toll free) and speak to Joe or Cole. They have done many conversions and the state is familiar with them and recommend them for this area.

    Good luck and give a shout if you need help.
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