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Thread: Isch dish cushion

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    Isch dish cushion

    Anybody heard of the ISCH DISH CUSHION? Just wondered how it compares to a ROHO?

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    It's just foam, with a well where your butt sits. It's more uncomfortable than a Roho, and it isn't as good at preventing pressure sores. It's really for helping heal an existing sore, in that the well prevents pressure from being put on your butt. I think it's for temporary use, not 24/7 use, but I could be wrong. I own one.
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    Anybody heard of the ISCH DISH CUSHION? Just wondered how it compares to a ROHO?
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    Wouldn't recommend it for folks w/o sensation, but I've used and liked em for years. Unlike the ROHO, it gives you a stable seat with little to no sliding forward. You do need to keep an eye on your skin as you transition over to it.

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    Definately do NOT sit on it if you can't feel your bottom.
    It's for temporary use to help heal a pressure sore like Bob said it was.
    Very hard foam base with a hole in the middle for your sore to suspend in.
    You better have someone that knows their stuff.
    When I was using it to heal a sore on my right ishel I got a sore on my left ischel.
    All the weight was shifted on to the left ischel while the right ischel was suspended.
    The left ischel was resting on hard, hard foam and broke open.
    The sore on the right ischel got larger because some of the times I didn't land with the entire bone suspended.
    All in the matter of a few weeks disaster.
    I don't suggest you use it at all unless you have full sensation of your bottom & can do a full pressure release of your bottom.

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    i've been using an ish-dish for about twenty years now
    i like them

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    I have had great success with mine. My hip sits lower on my right side so I add about 2 inches of foam to the right side, otherwise I can bottom out on the right side. I have no sensation at all.

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