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Thread: Different Kind of Parking Problem

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    Different Kind of Parking Problem

    Not a great picture as it was taken by a cell phone. But this is what I was faced with while coming out of a doctor's appointment. The office is in a fairly new mall development and this was the only curb cut from the sidewalk to the parking lot as well as the only crosswalk

    There were a number of free parking spots less than 10 feet away. As well as 2 signs saying "Absolutely no parking at any time." I guess I just don't understand people.

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    In the UK we're urged to report any abandoned bags or vehicles containing suspicious packages to the authorities.

    If you have this problem again get your aide to look into the truck and if there's any bag or package in it do your duty as a good citizen and call the police.

    You'll be amazed how much faster they respond to the hint of a terrorist threat than they do to a parking violation!

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    That is insanely bad.

    I was crossing the road when (as I was crossing) a woman parked across the very ramp I was headed towards, hopeed out an ddisappeared. I had to push along the road to the next ramp and push back on the sidewalk. She came out just as I reached her truck. I unloaded on her.....I'm not sure she cared.

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    I have seen this a lot! I take the train when I go downtown, which is quite frequently and people are always parking their vehicles in front of the curb cut into the train station so that they can go buy tickets or just sitting there waiting for someone to come in off the train. Honestly, people!!!

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    People just have no clue. No idea why that yellow line is there.

    I was going along a sidewalk the other day, came to a street, I have the WALK light, but there's a lady in a car pulled all the way across the curb cut because she's going to turn right.

    She sees me, and makes this elaborate gesture meaning 'Go ahead and cross, I see you', but she doesn't back up out of the curb cut.

    I'm pointing at the curb cut, she keeps trying to get me to cross (would it kill you to roll down your window, then I could tell you why I'm not crossing), and this charade went on until the light turned green and she got the hell out of my way.

    Clueless. I'm sure she thought I was an idiot, and here she was, trying to do a nice thing.

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    Consider it the equivalent of parking on railroad tracks and you are the oncoming train. A heavy wheelchair with a good footplate can make a helluva dent. I mean, not that I'd know or anything.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katja View Post
    People just have no clue. No idea why that yellow line is there.
    I agree. And personally, I probably would cut some slack for somebody who parked in front of a curb cut/yellow without realizing it. But I admit that I am becoming less tolerant of people just being clueless.

    In the picture I posted below the guy not only parked in front of the curb cut, he parked on a crosswalk. And in front of 2 no parking signs. I used to think it was just a lack of common sense or overall cluelessness that led people to do things like park in fire lanes or block crosswalks. But I don't think that so much anymore. I think it's just that people don't give a damn.

    Maybe I am just not having a good day but in general, I think most people are just inherently selfish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katja View Post
    People just have no clue. No idea why that yellow line is there.
    I think most do have a clue. They just don't care; too selfish.

    OJ, you might try calling your local Police's non-emergency number in these situations. Sadly, the cops probably won't get there before the jerk leaves.

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    Unbelievable, and on top of everything else it looks like it was raining? As lousy as some people are about HP parking and yellow lines most would not be clueless enough to park on a crosswalk. I think that is good for at leat $100 fine around here. Too bad you couldn't have had them towed/ticketed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eileen View Post
    Unbelievable, and on top of everything else it looks like it was raining?
    Maybe he figured no decent handicapped person would be out in the RAIN?

    (That would have meant we haven;t left the house in how many days Eileen?)

    Sometimes I think people are just brainless OJ, or so self centered they don;t think of anyone but themselves.

    Katja, I have had the same thing happen, when someone stops to let me go, yet blocks the curb at the same time. I am sure they think they are being considerate, yet I can;t get by!
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