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Thread: ? about bladder botox

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    ? about bladder botox

    ive been just about burned out on meds so im thinking botox but will i get to used to it the meds worked for a long time but seem to have built a tolerance so i thought idask and see if the same thing happens with botox thanks for any advice or input oh and how long have you been on botox is the only way to urinate is cath or do you still leak thanks
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    I have had botox once so far, will be going in soon for another round. If I remember correctly there is the potential for your bladder to stop responding after while. Meaning years though, or after multiple treatments. Everyone is differnt though. All you can do is try it and see if it works. I know it has changed my life.

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    Last Wednesday I had my bladder Botoxed and some stones removed. Over the years I've probably had it done 5 or 6 times all of which was done under general anesthesia. Make sure they monitor your blood pressure and don't be alarmed if your urine has some blood in it for a day or two. Good luck!

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    if you get botoxdo you still leak at night or do you cath i wear a condum cath at night for leakage
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    Some people, but not all, become less responsive to bladder Botox with repeated injections. It is very individual. If Botox fails, then an augmentation may need to be considered.

    Bladder (detrussor) Botox is nearly always used for people on intermittent cath to increase capacity and prevent leakage. It would rarely if ever be appropriate for someone using reflex voiding, because it paralyzes your bladder and would cause you to develop major retention problems.


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    I've been getting botox for about 4 years now...pretty routinely every 6 months even if it hasn't wore off yet. I don't leak. I cath about every 6 hours..and go all night which is about 8-9hrs. No problems with UTI's. I just had another treatment on Friday and I asked my doctor if I will get immuned to it and he told me that immunity to botox is uncommon. He said the effects it has on people is different for everyone tho. I receive mine right in the office- quick & easy.
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    That's interesting KLD. I have found Botox injections to be more responsive with repeated injections. 90+ percent of my A/D is a result of my bladder. I was once told by one urologist that I had a "twitchy" bladder. How's that for a medical term? I have a SP catheter and the only time I leak is when my catheter is clogged and I am having some massive A/D by that time. Should I be concerned about how my bladder empties? The urologist I have now seems pretty good and I've trusted her recommendation so far.

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    As long as you have an indwelling catheter, bladder Botox will not interfere with bladder drainage, but it would if you were to decide to try to change over to reflex voiding (condom catheter) since you would most likely not "kick off" at all.


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    Thanks, KLD.

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    kld so id be ok with botox id just have to cath at night too right
    i cath 6 or 7 times a day due to leaking and just wear the condum at night so id gladly cath at night if i didnt have to do it ever 2 hours hope im making sense hear
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