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    y sci was after children, but I also have mild spina bifida that did affect me in late pregnency and delivery. both labors were induced and i got epidural. pushing was not effective, and although my contractions were strong, I could not push them out, so they used a vacume cap and I had to use a foley for a few months after both. I had gestational diabetes and blood pressure problems and huge babies so I think it was a combination of not good abdomanal muscle tone and the big babies that affected the delivery. the pregnancy where I paid close attention to weight gain and ate very healthy was the better one to recover from, but the healthier eating did not prevent gestational diabetes from returning. so my advice is to eat more small meals of very good food, and not have junk around like I did with my first.
    congratulations, mine are grown n

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    This must be a miracle since your profile states you are MALE!!


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    double sexed, maybe?

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