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Thread: adaptive ski resorts in CO

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    adaptive ski resorts in CO

    I have a question about adaptive ski vacation places. We are beginning to plan a ski vacation for December. My son has not been snow skiing since his accident. We really want this to be a great experience for him as he loved to snow ski before his injury. Can anyone suggest the best places in CO? We are thinking about Steamboat Springs. Thanks for any input you can give......

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    I'm kinda partial to Crested Butte, we go there every summer and about every 5 yrs in the winter to ski. They have a top notch adapted sports program, both summer and winter. CB is also not as crowded as the other ski resorts. Give them a look.
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    I am not sure about Steamboat, but the National Veterans Winter Sports Clinic has used Crested Butte a number of times. It was held at Powderhorn (near Grand Junction) for many years. This year (and for the last several years) it is March 28-April 2 at Snowmass Village (right now).
    I also know there is a program at Winter Park (which is easy to get to from Denver).

    Keep in mind that you need a place that both has the gear and has instructors for using the gear; it is not as simple as just having accessibility in the lodge, lift, or accommodations.


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    There are quite a few adaptive programs in Colorado. Here's Andrea Kennedy's review of Winter Park, Steamboat and Aspen:

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    Thank you for your replies! Will check out Winter Park, Breckenridge, Aspen, Crested Butte and Steamboat Springs..... Good article on three of those places!

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    get ahold of andrea or craig in steamboat, they know everything we have to offer here..i personally don't go up on the slopes, but see a lot of adaptive skiers in town throughout the season...i know craig does a few weeklong clinics a season, and our mt. is very accessible, as is town..all our free buses have chair lifts so getting around town is very easy

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