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Thread: Grad School?

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    Grad School?

    I want to apply for grad school. I will not graduate with my bachelors until summer 2011. Can I apply now? My application would be in December 2010. If not when should I apply. What should I do to increase my chances of getting accepted? It is a criminology program in Arizona state. I am not sure how competitive it is.


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    Most schools have all their information regarding application deadlines and such on their website. As well as contact information for specific academic departments and programs. If you already have a specific school and program in mind, that would be the best place to start to make sure you have the correct information on putting together an application.

    Personally I wouldn't assume or depend on second hand information from other sources to be necessarily correct or up to date.
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    Most universities have their whole application procedure online - instructions, forms, requirements, etc. Generally, a grad school admission decision is not made until an undergraduate transcript is available indicating that you have graduated. Getting into a criminology program is not anything near the competitiveness of a med school or even a nursing program these days. If you have a 3.0 or better GPA from an accredited school, you are not likely to have a problem.
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    As OJ said.
    Additionally, it would do no harm to contact one of the professors who is doing the kind of thing you are interested in, perhaps they can give a some guidance as to the courses you take next (your senior) year - that is, start lining yourself up with what they're looking for in a prospective student.
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    ^^, and continuing along that train of thought, you can start developing relationship with those professors, or anyone in that dept. (eg. Dean or head, etc.) or elsewhere, who can write you a great reference.

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    You can get the scoop on the Arizona State University - Tempe programs at the link below. Unless I overlooked something, The University of Arizona - Tucson does not offer criminology. Your best letters of reference will be those from your current faculty who can speak to your abilities and character.
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    I said Tucson but I meant ASU. Sorry I will take the advise and start to build relationships with professors for recommendation letters.

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